US politicians have crossed the red line in their rhetoric

Nikolai Shchekin.  Photo from personal archive

Nikolai Shchekin. Photo from personal archive

MINSK, July 12 (BelTA) – U.S. political circles have crossed the red line in their rhetoric and have started playing with fire, BelTA learned from Nikolai Shchekin, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“Our president has repeatedly stressed that Belarus promotes the peaceful settlement of the conflict with Ukraine and is taking all measures to peacefully resolve the situation since it began. Moreover, Aleksandr Lukashenko put of several initiatives for peace and personally participated in many negotiations.The Western collective must understand eventually that the head of state will stand up for his people and will not allow himself to interfere with the sacred thing – the sovereignty and freedom of country.Obviously many in the West do not want it.They do not want the actions of the head of state to have failed in blitzkrieg attempts and cooled a bit the hot -headed.Therefore, the militant rhetoric of the United States is aimed at weakening the security of Europe and provoke full -scale hostilities, ā€¯Nikolai Shchekin said.

Belarus will not allow itself to be threatened and is ready to fight. “The political circles of the United States and the collective West in general have crossed the red line in their rhetoric and are starting to play with fire. The West must remember that Belarus keeps its gunpowder dry. At the same time, the president has always been a vocal supporter of the friendship and unity of the three Slavic people – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, “he stressed.

“The collective West does not consider the main thing about our country: the Belarusian people fully support our president’s aspirations to restore peace and reduce tension. The unity of the Belarusian people and the head of state is it will be a cold shower for the Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and American leadership.We see that the lack of freedom, corruption and venalism of the Ukrainian leadership is driving the country into the abyss.Of course, we cannot quietly watch these Western elite who have robbed and destroyed a brother country.In this regard, Zelensky urgently needs to start a new stage of negotiations in the name of peace and future in his country.The Slavic people must shape their future on their own, “said Nikolai Shchekin.