Tourism NZ’s Secret Agents (Travel) uncovered in new campaign by TBWA \ Sydney and Eleven – Short Campaign


TBWA \ Sydney and Eleven have discovered a network of Secret (Travel) Agents working for Tourism New Zealand to encourage Australians to vacation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A secret video conference of New Zealand’s top agents was accidentally shared by New Zealand-born, Australian pop star and main Secret (Travel) Agent, Ricki-Lee, on social media in a post that caught media attention. Meanwhile, the accidental fumble saw the meeting broadcast on OOH digital screens across Australia on Wednesday 6 July.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that some of Australia’s favorite Kiwis, including Melanie Bracewell, Richard Wilkins, Stan Walker, Kita Mean, Broxh and the Beached Az Whale, were hiding for Tourism New Zealand on a secret mission. to remind Australians what is unique and special about Aotearoa New Zealand.

Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt, executive creative director, TBWA \ Sydney and suspected Secret (Travel) Agent said: “Anyone who knows a New Zealander, knows we can’t keep quiet about how unique and beautiful our country is. Secret (Travel) Agents seem to have taken this fact to encourage people to vacation in New Zealand. Did I mention that in the Coromandel you can dig your own natural hot spring on the beach? ”

It also appears that Tourism New Zealand is on a recruitment drive to strengthen the approximately 600,000-strong team of Secret (Travel) Agents in Australia*. Anyone who has visited, loved and experienced the Manaakitanga (warm welcome, hospitality and friendliness) of the people of New Zealand can apply to become a Secret (Travel) Agent online.

Once recruited and accustomed to experiences priceless, new Secret (Travel) Agents will be ready to enter Australian culture and share the wonders of New Zealand, attracting others to visit.

Andrew Waddel, general manager, Australia, Tourism New Zealand said: “New Zealand is ready to welcome Australians to find the unexpected in Aotearoa. Although some of our Secret Agents (Travel) have already been revealed, it just means we need to look for more for the purpose – which can easily be done by welcoming more Australians to Aotearoa, and our Agent’s family. It is time for Australians to travel to New Zealand and immerse themselves in a place full of unforgettable experiences and unparalleled Manaakitanga. ”

Evan Roberts, chief creative officer of TBWA \ Sydney and lead investigator in the case: “We are just scratching the surface of this network, but we can see that Secret (Travel) Agents is rooted in Australian culture. , feeds our desire for travel and leads us to seek out New Zealand experiences. We’ve seen activity on every channel you can think of, and this new recruitment drive for more agents will only make Australians in New Zealand even more attractive. ”

Activity is also seen on social media, earned media, trade and OOH. Many more to come.

Client: Tourism in New Zealand

Creative Agency: TBWA \ Sydney

PR Agency: Eleven

Production Company: Photoplay

Gary John – Director

Andy Kristiaman @ Carve & Stitch
Joe Morris