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When I was in my twenties, I traveled the world as if nothing could go wrong. I slept in an African beach hut for six months with twenty total strangers, took a crew to Australia on several boats with a father and two random male backpackers. I don’t say this with pride; surprisingly I still survived. What I will say, however, is that it has given me a keen eye into the world of travel thrillers. I now base my writing career on the disastrous choices in my life, and there is unlimited material available.

It’s a glorious primetime, too, for adventure stories. We’re all looking forward to a little journey as we emerge from the dark, crowded prison of pandemic. We’re renewing our passports and booking our flights, but with a scary writer’s smile, I’m here now just to ask this: Are you sure will your unique destination be the paradise of your dreams?

Here’s a list of Top Ten Travel Thrillers that will pause you, consider traveling through vicariously from the safety of your own home, or at least put your Embassy Consulate on speed dial before you go.

Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

My favorite book of 2021, this thriller has all the ingredients of a well -made overseas nightmare. With a main character, Florence, who feels unappreciated in New York, the story takes you into the rich and luxurious backdrop of Morocco, where Florence’s ‘crazy chance’ turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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The Blue by Lucy Clarke

Set on a yacht in the warm and azure waters of the Pacific Ocean, this spine-tingler is about a group of backpackers renting a yacht, from the Philippines to New Zealand. It’s all stargazing, night swimming, and rum. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, not everyone on the boat is like them, and when crewmates start to disappear, this thriller quickly becomes predatory.

We Are Not Here by Andrea Bartz

It’s so nice to have a best friend to travel with. Meeting for the annual holiday is a fun tradition. But in this terrifying psychological thriller, Emily learns that her bestie, Kristen, may not be the uncomplicated travel buddy she first imagined. How many of the frightening ‘accidents’ that happened to them abroad will Emily help and cover up?

The island by Adrian McKinty

How about a bonding family trip to Australia, and a quick visit to a remote island for the kids to see some koalas? Looks like the perfect day out, other than this relentless throat-grip of a travel thriller, the family trip turned into a hellish fight for survival when the island’s residents proved to be the scariest host in the world.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Everyone loves a wedding, especially one set on a passionate, stormy island off the west coast of Ireland. As friends and family gather in this strictly planned thriller, there is a mixed audience with horrible secrets, surprising past, and certain axes to grind. Amidst the fun and excitement, will you be able to kill the crowd?

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The Swell by Allie Reynolds

Set on a beautiful beach in Australia, this pacy travel thriller delivers a secret community, a cast of hot surfers, and a classic dystopian sting on the tail. Like every perfect surf spot, there may be some predators lurking — but when new visitor Kenna dares to question that idea, the backlash is quick and horrible.

Reckless women by Rachel Hawkins

This evil story follows the adventures of a young couple, Lux and Nico, who think they have finally reached the jackpot when they are hired to sail with two wealthy women on remote Meroe Island in the tropics. waters of the South Pacific. But who exactly are these women? What is their history? And why was another boat docked at Meroe when they arrived?

The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish

Okay, so it’s a London commute in this story, but I’m a huge Candlish fan, and aren’t daily commuters traveling yet ?! This thriller — tightly woven, in beautiful prose — follows the complex life of Jamie, a British coffee shop worker in his mid forties, who realizes that his daily ferry companion, Kit, does not show up in his usual chair this morning. When the ferry landed, the police were waiting for Jamie. Was he set up, or did he really do something disgusting that he can’t quite remember?

Good ThingsJanelle Brown

In this twisty thriller about interconnected lies and the deception of two broken women, we travel the unforgiving, winter shores of Lake Tahoe. When the underdog grifter, Nina, descends on the sprawling Stonehaven mansion in the highlands of California, it’s the Instagram influencer, Vanessa, hoping she’s a cheater. But who is flirting with whom in this thrilling story, and how exactly does it happen?

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The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

Don’t we all tell some secrets when we’re strangers, in a departure lounge or on a plane, sitting next to a harmless stranger that we’ll never see again in our lives? For Peter, this feeling of freedom is in the company of Lily, a happy and mysterious neighbor on a London to Boston flight. When the two of them drink martinis and ride the classic strangers ’overshare, it gets out of control and soon, what should have stayed on the plane flowed into their daily lives.


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