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Hotels and Resorts in Crowne Plaza launches a new travel mix study, which accelerates plans to build 107 hotels over the next three years and renovate 50 percent of its current property worldwide.

  • As competition for talent intensifies, a new study from Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts shows that Millennial (51%) and Gen Z (66%) consumers are more willing to work at a company that offers frequent travel or flexible (work + leisure) travel. possibilities as a perk

  • The consumer now believes that flexibility in working hours is a must have work-perk (55%), high pay (52%) or a four-day work week (36%)

  • The ‘Blended Travel’ brand’s white paper says four out of five business executives are worried that, unless they increase business travel, their professional (80%) and personal lives (80%) will suffer. *

Mixed Travel to Crowne Plaza

Mixed Travel to Crowne Plaza

LONDON, July 13, 2022 / PRNewswire/ – With the arrival of the first peak travel season since the start of the pandemic, a new survey commissioned by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts – part of IHG Hotels & Resorts and one of the largest premium hotel brands – polled 2,067 consumers in the UK, show that Millennials (25 to 44 years old) (51%) and Gen Z (18 to 24 years old) (66%) consumers are more inclined to work for a company offer frequent travel or flexible (work + leisure) blended travel possibilities as a perk.

While many UK -based employers struggle to find and retain workers, employees are in a stronger bargaining position. Employers looking to retain or attract talent must act to take advantage of the increased desire for travel mix because, despite the cost of living crisis, YouGov research shows that consumers now believe that the ability adapt to work working hours is very important when choosing where to work (55%), over high wages (52%).

The evolution of remote work, as a result of the pandemic, combined with the renewed ability to connect in person adds to this trend and accelerates Crowne Plaza’s plans for further hotel opening to keep pace with demand. The brand intends to expand its stronghold, building 107 new hotels (27,342 rooms) over the next three years along with renovating 50% of its current portfolio consisting of more than 400 hotels.

Of those surveyed by YouGov, 30% believe that combining work and leisure travel will allow them to further develop their careers and 33% also said it will increase their level of happiness. . Meanwhile, the brand’s white paper ‘Blended Travel’ says four out of five* business executives are worried that, unless they increase business travel, their professional (80%) and personal lives (80%). %) will suffer.

The survey shows that 51% of consumers in the UK believe it would be beneficial to them, and allow them more flexibility, to combine work with a leisure trip abroad. Nearly two-fifths (42%) will add to the average two to three days of leisure on upcoming business trips, while a third (31%) will be more confident traveling this summer if their vacation is included. on a work trip.

Top reasons for wanting to travel for work with consumers include discovering new places, countries, and cultures (43%). Crowne Plaza has reported an increase in business travel stays at its hotels, where the top hotels for combined travel and work are at Crowne Plaza Budapest, Crowne Plaza Utrecht-Central Station, Crowne Plaza Warsaw-THE HUB , Crowne Plaza Amsterdam – South, Crowne Plaza London – Kings Cross, and Crowne Plaza Marlow.

‘While British employers struggle to fill vacancies, there is pressure on them to attract and retain the best talent. We have been playing in this space for many years, and we closely monitor emerging trends in work and leisure. The change since the pandemic has dramatically accelerated. Across our hotels and resorts, we’ve seen an increase in people combining work travel with leisure, and with 107 new hotels in the pipeline over the next three years, Crowne Plaza has already laid the groundwork by creating spaces and service styles that specifically address these goals. People want personal connections, and they also want the space to meet requests outside of the traditional 9-5 to enhance their well-being, ‘ said Ginger Taggart, Vice President, Brand ManagementGlobal Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts.

To explore the evolving needs of its guests in relation to the increasing demand for combined work and leisure travel, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, part of IHG Hotels & Resorts and one of the world’s largest premium hotel brands, launched the first ‘Blended White paper on the journey of a hospitality brand: The Future of Mixed Travel.

‘Blended Travel’ white paper, developed in partnership with global business trends and insights, Stylus, identifies four emerging sub-trends that speak to emerging visitor needs:

Reworking work

Traveling to a hotel or resort in a hot, exotic location abroad or an exciting city as a base for remote flexible working has thrived over the past two years.

Hybrid living, hybrid living

A growing number of business travelers are planning to extend their work trip to leisure days to make the most of their trips. The key here is the flexibility and ability to work while traveling-whether it’s a long-haul trip or a weekend family visit-enabled by new working skills.

Upskilling and side-hustles

Upskillers and Side Hustlers use the power of travel to inspire, pique curiosity and enable networking and connections.

New economy of care

More than ever, families like to travel with children and grandparents. Multi-generational travelers are looking for destinations that cater to all ages.

Travel for both leisure and work is back – but it’s different now. Crowne Plaza guests are rediscovering what’s special about the brand: it’s the only premium hotel to offer purpose-designed service and spaces that provide themselves with a mixed lifestyle. From Plaza Workspace, a grouping of work and relaxation areas including private, creative Studio zones that allow guests to work, eat and play, to the signature bar, providing a dynamic environment to socialize , work, and relax, the design of the Crowne Plaza is specifically built to promote connections and encourage informal gatherings. The brand’s perfectly balanced and patented WorkLife Room offers a combination of comfort, connectivity, and flexibility with unique zones that maximize space for work, relaxation and sleep.

With premium hotels currently based in more than 409 locations in urban, airport, leisure, and suburban destinations, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts has properties spanning 63 countries – anywhere anyone wants to stay. modern business traveler for integrated travel to recharge and refuel.


*About Whitepaper Research

The survey was conducted by Crowne Plaza Blended Travel, targeting 3,000 IHG ​​One Rewards members February 2022.

About YouGov Research

The research was conducted by research company YouGov between the 1st – 4th July 2022 with a sample of 2067 adults in the UK. All numbers, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov. The survey was conducted online. The figures are weighted and representative of all adults in the UK (aged 18+).

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With a family of 17 hotel brands and IHG One Rewards, one of the largest hotel loyalty programs in the world, IHG has more than 6,000 open hotels in more than 100 countries, and more than 1,800 in the development pipeline.

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