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The latest 1000 data shows that 2022 exceeds 2019 for many travel advisor members

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has brought a steady decline in 2020 sales volume for consultants around the world. Then in 2021, production numbers in the U.S. will be higher, compared to other countries, including for a minority of U.S.-based consultants who saw their production in 2021 exceed their pre-pandemic, 2019 numbers.

While Canada, the UK, and Australia followed the US for recovery in 2021, their recovery rates were significantly lower due to stricter travel restrictions still in force.

Meanwhile, approximately 88% of The 1000 members worldwide say their 2022 sales invoice is on track ahead of 2019.

“The 1000 is made up of incredibly passionate and successful travel consultants from around the world,” said Jeff Sirota, Co-Founder, The 1000. “But what really sets them apart is their respect in their own profession and that of their peers as travel professionals – and the proof is in their numbers.

Application submissions to join The 1000 represents more than US $ 2 billion in annual sales production – with an average of $ 2.3 million per consultant, Sirota said.

For travel consultants verified and hired at The 1000, their minimum annual sales production is $ 1.5 million and the average annual sales production is $ 3.1 million, with the number of individual consultants each producing of more than $ 12 million per year.

“With a US $ 279k average annual total commission for travel advisors hired at The 1000, there is no doubt that the travel advisor profession is a career that should be given the respect it deserves,” Morgan said.

More statistics from The 1000 members includes this breakdown of product sales…

Hotel: 34%

Wind: 18%

Sailing: 17% (12% ocean voyage, 5% river voyage)

Tours: 16% (7% escort tours, 9% packaged tours)

DMC/On Site: 15%

And here’s a look at the tenure in the travel industry of members of The 1000 …

  • Less than 5 years as a travel advisor: 6%
  • 5-10 years as a travel consultant: 26%
  • 10-15 years as a travel advisor: 20%
  • More than 15 years as a travel advisor: 48%

Free applications for The 1000 are open to all consultants from around the world until July 29, 2022 at

“While our industry has difficulty planning successive planning for the travel consultant profession, insights into what defines a viable career are essential, as compensation and product focus are critical to making understand that, ”Morgan said.

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