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10 best travel experiences in Europe – from £ 200

Porto/Oporto has a charming Old World, but hip bars and pavement restaurants crowd the riverside these days. There are world class concerts at the Casa de Musica and major art exhibitions along Rua de Miguel Bombarda. Cobbled streets and beautifully tiled churches, and a fantastic café culture-and killer pastries from emblematic outlets like custard-tart specialist… Read More »

Europe as a budget-friendly travel option? This will be true in 2022

Flying to Europe this year may seem absurd as opting for premium fuel. With such high prices, is this really the right time to brag? “As a result of labor shortages and all these things happening, travel is more expensive than in the past,” said travel journalist Oneika Raymond. “Flights are really expensive. The accommodation… Read More »

Europe’s Travel Recovery Has Been Obstructed by Airlines’ Failure to Prepare

Although the international travel scene in Europe initially appeared to be good at the start of 2022, the current state of air travel turmoil seen at many airports in Europe is likely to hamper the sector’s recovery, according to the leading data and analytics company GlobalData. A (seemingly) unexpected tidal wave of consumer demand will… Read More »

One Of Europe’s Busiest Airports Tells Airlines to Stop Selling Summer Tickets Amid Travel Turmoil

Topline London’s Heathrow Airport has told airlines to stop selling tickets this summer to keep passenger numbers at manageable levels, chief executive John Holland-Kaye announced on Tuesday, as the entire sector battling delays, delays and cancellations amid travel resurgence and staff shortages. Travelers lined up at Heathrow amid delays caused by staffing issues. Getty Images… Read More »

Uber Files: Investigation Exposes Ride-Sharing Giant’s Secret Political Influence, Driver Exploitation

More than 124,000 leaked documents known as “Uber Files” show how the ride-sharing giant used questionable practices to force it into cities around the world, often with the help of high-level officials and in violation of current laws and regulations. Confidential records cover Uber’s deals in 40 countries between 2013 and 2017 — when co-founder… Read More »

Unionists in Northern Ireland staged a parade amid political crisis | Political News

Members of the Orange Order of Northern Ireland parked in Belfast under tight security, marking the anniversary of the July 12, 1690 victory of Protestant King William of Orange against his Catholic rival King James II. Crowds of spectators holding union flags on Tuesday gave way to a heavy police presence – armored white cars… Read More »