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Americans Set to Revenge on Travel Despite Rising Costs

It doesn’t seem like the lack of funding will stop Americans from going on vacations after the COVID they’ve been waiting for this year. According to Allianz Partners USA’s 14th Annual Vacation Confidence Index, approximately one in three Americans (32 per cent) report that they will be ‘taking revenge on travel’ in 2022, shamelessly taking… Read More »

Low Cost Bahay Kubo Designs

It has been proven that the bahay kubo having a sturdy foundation and support is strong enough to withstand all this. Nipa hut for sale and made to order best for landscape resort cottages we accept customizing design low cost to elegant modernize nipa hut from tiny kubo to house-size nipa. Thoughtskoto Bamboo House Design… Read More »

Simple Low Cost Bahay Kubo Designs

Bahay Kubo Lyrics with Guitar Chords G D C continue reading. The columns contain four 10mm rebars which extend above the top of the columns and which will be bent over the top plates to secure the roof strucure from being blown away. Bahay Kubo Bamboo House Design Simple House Design Philippine Houses There is… Read More »