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Bahay Na Bato Architecture

The bahay na bato represents the apex in the development of indigenous Filipino architecture because its expands the prototypal structure of the ethnic house from a one-room dwelling to a multi-roomed house of grand scale while preserving the basic features and because it adapts Western architectural influences to form a synthesis of native and immigrant… Read More »

Bahay Kubo Architecture

The Bahay kubo or nipa hut is a type of stilt house indigenous to the cultures of the Philippines. While the bahay kubo or bahay na bato are great inspirations they are not however. Bahay Kubo Venue With Garden For A Filipino Style Picnic Gathering Bahay Kubo Bamboo House Design Filipino House Its architectural principles… Read More »

Modern Bahay Kubo Architecture

Ash from rice hulls or husks is an affordable and effective substitute. Instead it is styled like a balcony that looks out to the floor below. Vernacular Houses Bahay Kubo Design Bahay Kubo Philippine Architecture Nov 8 2020 – project ideasPhilippines. Modern bahay kubo architecture. They gave the trend a Filipino spin proposing a 35sqm… Read More »