Sandals UVI Celebrates Gary C. Saddler Anniversary: ​​A Fierce Champion Of Travel Advisors

MIAMI, FL, July 12, 2022 – Beloved worldwide by the travel professionals he serves with passion, grace, and the utmost expertise, Gary C. Sadler, Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Industry Relations for Unique Vacations Inc., an affiliate of the global representative of Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts, marks 30 years with an impact on the company.

Sadler has been a driving force at Unique Vacations, Inc. (UVI) since 1992. He has been honored for championing numerous award-winning innovations, including the Certified Sandals Specialist program, one of the first opportunities for travel advisors and “learn and earn” agencies to become the norm. in the industry.

“Gary contains values ​​that we hold in the highest regard, a commitment to exceeding customer expectations, recognizing travel advisors as they are invaluable partners, and the assurance that, together, we can create of Caribbean moments and memories that inspire our guests and impact communities, ”said Jeff Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Vacations, Inc..

Reflecting on his thirty-year career working and advocating for travel advisors, Sadler said, “I’ve learned two things: rapport and relationships are everything.”

“I have had the privilege of representing the Sandals brand for 30 of its 40 years and from the very beginning, Sandals chose to forge its future with Travel Advisors – our ever -growing, always loyal partners in this glorious journey. In other words, our better half, ”Sadler said.“ Agile, smart, and undisputed experts in their craft, Travel Advisors have proven themselves, again and again, to be important to our industry, a beacon of light for travelers through this exciting industry, full of beautiful, memorable experiences and moments.They have helped travelers navigate the best and worst times, from moments of incredible connection until the very last, the uncertainties of returning to travel after a global pandemic. Their connection cannot be underestimated, so our relationship with them is paramount. “

Zane Kerby, President and CEO of ASTA said, “Gary has proven time and time again, year after year, that he has in his heart travel advisors and best interests. The trust he has carefully nurtured, with integrity and honesty, with his unique booming voice and undeniable passion, his bar none and a very valuable asset to the Sandals and Beaches Resorts brands.I congratulate my friend, Gary, on 30 years, and here are many, many more years. ”

Sadler began his sales career at UVI in Canada based corporate office in Toronto before moving West to Vancouver, where he pioneered the Western Canadian market and led all sales and marketing in Canada. Since 2007, he has been located at UVI’s headquarters in Miami but he has never forgotten his home country of Jamaica, where in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Jamaica’s tourism and hotel industry, Sadler was awarded the coveted Order of Distinction in 2017. Sadler supports many travel and hospitality industry causes and is a member of Skål International, the only professional organization that promotes global tourism and friendship, which brings together all sectors of the tourism industry.

“As I look to the future, I will continue to value these priceless partnerships, invest in critical partners like ASTA, and offer professional support and programming to keep them successful,” Sadler said.