Puerto Galera Tourist Spot

Puerto Galera Tourist Spot – Puerto Galera is one of the most beautiful beaches to go to if you don’t want to venture way too far from Manila. It is surrounded by lush mountains and clean, blue seas and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and developed beach resort community in the country.

It is also considered one of the world’s safest harbors which actually gave birth to its name Puerto Galera or port of Galleons. Ships used to seek refuge in its harbors especially when there’s a typhoon.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spot

Some of the popular places in Puerto Galera include Sabang and White Beach. Sabang is where you could find an active diving community and almost 24 hour nightlife due to its numerous bars and restaurants.

Both beaches also have a wide range of choices when it comes to accommodation and you could definitely find first-class or economy-class accommodations depending on your budget. Sabang Beach is mainly popular for foreign tourists, while White Beach remains popular with local travelers philippine.

Puerto Galera Best Tourist Spot 2021

Puerto Galera Tourist Spot

There are lots of things and activities in the island for you to enjoy like swimming, sailing, surfing, snorkeling and of course scuba diving (especially in Sabang). Puerto Galera is recognized as one of the top diving destinations not only in the Philippines but also in the world.

There are even excellent diving spots that can be found near Sabang Beach. Snorkeling is also a must try activity in Puerto Galera beach as you could see diverse marine animals such as clownfishes, parrot fishes, occasional sea horses and more.

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For those who are not that interested in indulging themselves in any water activities, you could join and play some games with locals and fellow tourists such as volleyball and Frisbee. You could also join hiking tours or go to some waterfalls or perhaps take a chance to see an endemic and endangered animal that could only be found in Mindoro which is the Tamaraw.

Getting to Puerto Galera is easy. Most tourists prefer to take a JAM transit or BLTB bus – from it’s terminals along EDSA Cubao. These ply every hour between Cubao (Manila) and Batangas Pier. From Batangas Pier you could then take a boat that will take you directly to Sabang, White Beach or Balatero Pier.