‘political tactics against my alleged intentions’

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Monday passed a no-confidence motion brought by allies of left-wing lawmakers. Borne survived the motion against him after at least 146 lawmakers out of a total of 289 abstained from voting against him. The motion was supported by only 146 lawmakers, an outcome called unlikely by the local media.

The motion against Borne was reportedly brought to show the intent of the largest left faction in opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble grouping- NUPES alliance. The grouping made Macron’s life difficult in the National Assembly after it won significant victories in the legislative elections that threw French politics into turmoil. Notably, NUPES is a strong left-wing led by veteran leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon. NUPES making significant victories in the legislative elections “poses a risk for the country, because of the challenges we have to face,” Borne said in a statement, hoping to work towards the return of the centrist majority. Ensemble of the National Assembly.

‘No vote of confidence is political tactics:‘ Borne

Borne on Monday denounced the no-confidence motion against him as “political tactics.” Speaking to the French parliament, the Prime Minister added that the debate on the vote of no confidence was “based on my stated intention.” He said the motion hindered the smooth functioning of parliamentary work and “hence the will of the French people.” He urged parliament to move to a “culture of compromise.” Now that the no -confidence motion has strayed from the path, the French parliament will begin deliberations on the $ 20.1 billion inflation relief package proposed last week.

France could nationalize power giant EDF amid energy crisis: Borne

France was one of the countries facing the ripple effects of the Russia-Ukraine war as food, fuel, and energy prices rose to unprecedented levels. Noticing growing living costs, Borne announced last week that the French government was thinking about nationalizing the heavily indebted French electrical producer EDF. In his inaugural statement to the French parliament on July 6, Borne stressed that “we must have full control over our electricity production and performance” even as Macron lost control of parliament in the June legislative elections that makes the coalition chaotic in NA, The Guardian reported. Criticizing the widespread energy crisis, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Kyiv, he said “we must ensure our sovereignty in the face of the consequences of the war and the major challenges to come … so I confirm to you goal of the state owning 100% of EDF’s capital, ”The Guardian reported.

(Photo: AP)