Should I Use Philippine Travel Insurance? What are the Requirements and the Benefit?

Philippine Travel Insurance – Most of us do likely love traveling. Certainly, we often buy travel tickets directly on the website of online ticket booking service providers. There is a point that we must have known that in recent years the provider company has offered an additional option to purchase travel insurance including Philippine travel insurance.

Should I Use Philippine Travel Insurance? What are the Requirements and the Benefit?

How often do you choose this option? On the other hand, we might not know about travel insurance yet. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, of course, we want a safe and comfortable trip since we had spent time preparing and many costs as well. Travel insurance is important, however, let’s see the importance lists about it first.


More about Philippine Travel Insurance

Travel insurance helps us to travel safety and in comfort. Especially in an uncertain situation. Let’s take an example, we have bought tickets in advance, until the destination we got sick, or even worse, the trip had to be canceled for one reason. If you already use travel insurance, it means we do the right preventive effort.


Some people may be unfamiliar with travel insurance, but some countries in the world including the Philippines have even required travelers or newcomers to have travel insurance. This travel insurance is not expensive when compared to the total price of the trip and the benefits that you can get, it would not be similar at all.

Philippine Travel Insurance

Analogically, it’s still more expensive than the cost of a cup of coffee that you buy at the airport or station. The premiums are relatively low, there are insurance companies that offer premiums starting from one dollar U.S, varying depending on the desired coverage, length, and purpose of the trip.

So, what are the benefits of Philippine travel insurance in general?

Travel insurance offers advantages in the form of insurance for tourists’ medical expenses during the trip. Moreover, there are several additional premiums that you can choose and adjust for protection. For example, protection against baggage delays or losses, delays in travel schedules flight cancellations, to protection for homes when traveling away for a long period.


In general, there are two types of Philippine travel insurance or general institution offered, the first is a single trip program that can guarantee one trip for a certain period (usually it will cover a maximum of 180 days per trip).

There is also an annual program, an insurance program that covers or guarantees each trip a maximum of 90 (ninety) days/trips throughout the year. Again, the premiums and dependents you get vary depending on the company and the package we choose. Well said every country or institution might have different terms, we should get all the related information clearly before taking the benefits.

However, please kindly note that there are uncovered things from travel insurance, for example, if the destination country is unsafe or has received an announcement from the government as an inappropriate country to visit, whether due to natural disasters or terrorism.


Should I Pay for Travel Insurance? Read These 5 Benefits of Travel Insurance

One of the fun moments in life is the moment of traveling we spent with our beloved friends or families. However, during a trip, certainly has risks whether it’s when using private or other public transportation. This can make your vacation moments haunted by anxiety, and finally, vacations are no longer fun.

However, you can prevent those risks because almost all travel agencies already provide travel insurance for their consumers.

1. Got the medical treatment properly at the destination. No one wants their vacation moment to be spoiled by suddenly falling sick so they have to get medical treatment. Moreover, if you are forced to be treated in a hospital in the Philippines where you are on vacation.

Of course, you have to pay for super expensive hospital treatment. Luckily, Philippine travel insurance works better for you. However, Philippine travel restrictions are always applied, so you can wisely read all the terms and conditions first.

2. Donations for deaths in vacations. When you die due to the risk of travel, family life is guaranteed. Especially for those who act as the main householder in the family.

The way to prepare is to have Philippine travel insurance. There is a sum insured that the insurance company will give to your family when you die while traveling. If this happens, at least you no longer need to worry too much about the survival of the family.

3. Bearing losses due to terrorism and natural disasters. The occurrence of acts of terrorism and natural disasters is very likely to occur at any time. This will bring losses, both in the form of physical, mental, and financial losses. Learn more about the Philippine travel ban. If you have travel insurance, you can feel more secure when traveling.

4. If your suitcase or bag is damaged or even lost, of course, it will be very detrimental and make the holiday moment not as fun as it should be. But don’t worry, you can get compensation if you have travel insurance from Philippine airlines or another mode of transportation. If you experience this, immediately do a claim and get your compensation back.

5. If you choose public transportation, you can experience travel delays or cancellations at any time. This of course will make you inconvenienced. However, by having Philippine airlines travel insurance, for example, you can receive compensation from the insurance.

Travel insurance Philippine airlines will cover the cost of staying at the nearest or the cooperation hotel for the airlines. So, you should not worry more since you can stay comfortable although it may be a little bit break your plan. However, this benefit makes you better in your flight and trip. As we have stated, every company have regulation different from one to another. Just take which one suits you.

Everyone needs to always feel safe. Because with a sense of security, the behavior and actions taken tend to be more positive. The problem is that we can’t see the future so often we feel worried and can’t feel safe. However, you can take advantage of the benefits of Philippine travel insurance for comfort and safety during your vacation trip.