Pack your traveler bag! Travel with the best travel movies

Although their production dates are respectively “old-fashioned,” here’s a list of travel movies that are still very popular and effective enough that you’ll want to pack a suitcase and go on the road.

‘The Motorcycle Diaries’

In the early 1950s, two young people, Ernesto and Alberto, rode a motorcycle from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Eventually, their car broke down and the young people had to ride. This trip will make them realize that Latin America is very different from what they thought. The suffering of the continent, urbanization, injustice and corruption will change the lives of these two young people.

The film chronicles the life of the process of social and political maturation of a young man who would become one of the pioneers of the revolutionary movement under the name Ernesto “Che” Guevara a few years later.

‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’

Working for Life! magazine photo archive, and living quietly in his own fantasy world, Walter finds himself on an unexpected adventure.

“The Bucket List” is a 2007 American buddy adventure comedy-drama film directed and produced by Rob Reiner starring Jack Nicholson (L) and Morgan Freeman, Nov. 23, 2010. (Shutterstock Photo)

‘A Map for Saturday’

“A Map for Saturday” is a series about Brooke Silva Braga, a New York-based employee who had a good job at HBO but left everything and started backpacking around the world.

‘180 Degree South’

Chris Malloy’s film reveals the nature of Patagonia so deeply that you feel at home.

Along the way, the protagonist stranded on Easter Island, surfing the biggest wave he had ever seen and preparing himself for an extraordinary climb to Ceroo Corcovado. Jeff’s life changed when he met Chouinard and Tompkins, who once came here with a love of climbing and surfing, and he eventually prioritized his wilderness experience over everything else and spent their fortune protecting in Patagonia.

‘The old’

“The Way” is a powerful and inspiring film about family, friends and the challenges we face in this ever-complex world. Instead of going home, a father decided to take a memorable trip to fulfill his son’s wish to finish the trip. Along the way, he met many people from different parts of the world and discovered the difference between “the life we ​​lead and the life we ​​choose.”

‘The Darjeeling Limited’

Life gives each person unlimited possibilities for their inner journey, and sometimes it is the death of our loved ones. The father of three siblings died. After this incident, they went on a train trip to India. The train journey forms the background of the siblings ’efforts as they try to get to know each other and become closer.

‘A Good Year’

Max Skinner, an investment consultant in London, travels to Provence to sell the vineyard he inherited from his uncle. However, the sale will not be as smooth as he expected. Despite the presence of an American woman who claims the vineyard was hers in the beginning, she will eventually find out that she spent the happiest day of her life.

“Seven Years in Tibet” is a 1997 American biographical war drama film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, August 10, 2000. (Shutterstock Photo)

‘In the Wild’

“Into the Wild” is a story of a return from a metropolis to the wild. Graduated with honors from a major university, Christopher is also a successful athlete. In a post-graduation invitation, she told her family that this was not the life she wanted, something was missing and wrong. The young man continues a long journey towards a completely different life by donating all his assets to charity and leaving everything he has at home. During and after this journey that ends in the desolate jungles of Alaska, Christopher will encounter several people who will radically change his life, and experience the meaning of life and the inevitable death in its most brutal form.

‘Seven Years in Tibet’

Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountaineer, had the goal of climbing the Himalayas. The German fascist administration at the time also supported the mountaineer for it and covered his expenses. In 1939, Harrer was taken hostage by the British in the war with the Germans. He was able to escape and reached the city of Lhassa. He met the Dalai Lama there and what he learned from him changed the mountaineer’s entire life. Harrer soon became acquainted with the philosophy of Buddhism.

‘The sea’

Richard is an American adventurer traveling from his country to Thailand, fueled by his love of adventure. All he had on his mind was to find shelter in a place far away from the modern but corrupt society where technology and computers enforce their order. While staying in a cheap hotel in Bangkok, he met an interesting French couple. Meanwhile, she also meets another hotel guest, a man named Daffy, with similar interests. Daffy recounted the existence of a beach in the world that no one has ever been to. Furthermore, he added that he is the only one who knows the location of this beach.

“The Darjeeling Limited” is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Wes Anderson, June 5, 2008. (Shutterstock Photo)

‘The Bucket List’

Separately in the world, millionaire Edward and car mechanic Carter crossed paths when they were together in a hospital room while being treated for cancer and discovered that they only had two things in common: the desire to spend rest of their lives doing whatever they want to do, and the need to make peace with themselves. Two friends, who left the hospital after making a list of everything they wanted to do with their lives, got in the car together and learned to live life to the fullest, with tolerance and humor.


Cheryl Strayed is a woman shaken by the death of her beloved mother and faced with self -destruction in the dissolution of her marriage. As Cheryl struggles with nightmares of the past, especially the memories of her mother Bobbi, she suddenly makes a radical decision. He grabbed his bag and hit the road, walking alone on the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the longest, hardest and most dangerous trails in America. During this dangerous but refreshing adventure, he re-recognizes fatigue, despair and pessimism, as well as the good feelings that will make him feel alive.

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