Online travel agent eDreams causing nightmares says Consumer NZ


Many customers have complained about the lack of refunds and support from eDreams. Photo / Unsplash

Consumer NZ has issued a warning to travelers after receiving “numerous complaints” about online travel agent eDreams.

Many did not receive refunds or support after booking a trip with the company, the custodian said in a statement this morning.

Alejandra Hernandez said she has been waiting nine months for a refund from eDreams for the canceled flight.

“They pretended to do things but they did nothing … they wasted my time and stole my money,” Hernandez told Consumer.

Alesha Canham also experienced issues with eDreams. After booking a family holiday for her toddler son and seriously ill partner, she noticed her son’s name was misspelled.

Canham had been trying to correct the name for weeks but eDreams failed to help. Qatar Airways eventually stepped in to arrange the ticket.

“It’s not just customers who have had nightmares with eDreams,” Consumer said. Online, many more travelers claim the company scammed them.

Several Facebook groups were created specifically for dissatisfied customers.

Groups have appeared on Facebook warning other travelers about issues with online travel companies.  Photo / Facebook
Groups have appeared on Facebook warning other travelers about issues with online travel companies. Photo / Facebook

One group, ‘EDreams Fraund’ describes itself as “a group of customers (victims)” and currently has over 3,000 members.

“It can be very stressful when travel plans go wrong,” says Consumer research writer Rebecca Styles.

“If you can’t get help and support from your travel agent, it only exacerbates a bad situation.”

To avoid travel nightmares, Styles recommends booking with a New Zealand-based travel agent. Make sure they have a good reputation for service and customer support. Or, book directly with an airline.

What are your international travel rights?

International flight canceled? Your rights depend on several factors such as the reason for the cancellation, your location and destination, and where the airline is based.

You have the right to refund, credit, or be rebooked on another flight, according to Consumer NZ.

You may also be eligible for compensation for costs resulting from the cancellation, such as food, transportation and accommodation.

Have travel insurance? Check your policy to see if you can claim any resulting costs.

The travel agent or airline taking a long time to process the refund? If you paid for the flight by credit or debit card, you can request a chargeback through your bank.

Travel agent causing difficulty? If they are based in Aotearoa, you can take them to the Disputes Tribunal.