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Last week, Dibrugarh, one of Assam’s largest tea -rich towns in the tea -rich belt, was shaken by the news of the death of one of its famous residents. A 32-year-old businessman and animal activist has committed suicide after recording a video in which he named the people responsible for his extreme measures.

In the video, Vineet Bagaria, who allegedly hanged himself at his home, named the three people and accused them of constant threats that forced him to end his life. Two of them were later arrested by the police for pretending to commit suicide in Bagaria and are looking for the other two.

The Bagaria family provided a rented store in their area to one of the two arrested accused, who in turn was left to the second accused. But when the family asked the tenants to vacate the property, the tenants stopped paying rent and began threatening Vineet and his family with dire consequences.

Coincidentally, the family filed complaints against the accused with the local police, but no action was taken. On Thursday night, hours before Vineet’s suicide, his father, a local businessman associated with the Aam Aadmi Party filed an FIR at the Dibrugarh police station against the accused.

Vineet’s death sparked outrage on social media where netizens accused the police of inaction and numbness, which pushed him to commit suicide. Soon, news of the death began airing on local news channels. The reactions forced the police to take action and arrest two of the accused.

With anger spreading against the police, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who heads the home department, arrived at the Bagaria family’s home in Dibrugarh two days after the death and apologized to the family. But soon, CM’s reactions changed.

“I can’t imagine how Baidullah Khan reached this town. I am very embarrassed. Has our government become weak? I have never been so ashamed in my life, ”Sarma said while dragging the deputy commissioner and superintendent of police in front of the family and the cameras of the journalists.

The four people accused in the Bagaria suicide prosecution are Baidullah Khan, Sanjay Sharma, Nishant Sharma and Ezaz Khan. While Sanjay Sharma and Baidullah Khan were captured, the other two fled. Until the CM reached Bagaria’s home, the suicide had no communal color.

But with Sarma’s repeated display of shock at Baidullah Khan being able to issue threats to the Bagarias while remaining silent on Sanjay Sharma, the other arrested accused, it appears that the CM wanted to describe Vineet’s suicide as an act that committed by a Muslim against a non-Muslim.

“This incident happened in the middle of town, if Baiullah Khan can come here what is the use of you taking your salary for wearing a khaki uniform? The death toll is secondary, but my first question is how did Baidullah Khan get here? ”The CM told district officials.

“Is it Dhubri or Goalpara?” Sarma asked to identify the two districts in lower Assam where Muslims are predominant. “My mind could not understand if I heard of an incident in Assam or in Jammu and Kashmir. This is just an incident. Maybe there are many baidullahs roaming here, ”he added.

Sarma’s comments have now raised questions as to whether crimes and criminals should be judged by their religions and place of operation (where a particular community is dominant or minority) or they should be seen as equal. -equal in the eyes of the police and courts as is the standard and practice.

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