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My Family of 5 Will Go on 22 Trips in 1 Year – Our Best Travel Tips

After a five -week vacation in Europe in 2021, my family of five set our sights on a much bigger adventure: 22 trips in 2022.

We knew the plan wasn’t going to be easy to do, but giving our three daughters new, exciting experiences made it worth the challenges.

Here are the top tips I give to fellow travelers who want to embark on more family adventures around the world.

Be open to trying new areas

Diana Blinkhorn sits in front of a waterfall with her three daughters, show from behind

I explored the waterfalls in Costa Rica with our three daughters.

Diana Blinkhorn

My family often has ideas for places we want to visit, but we try to stay open -minded to new ideas.

Google Flights is one of our most widely used resources for generating new travel ideas. Using the “explore” tool, we will enter our home city and then browse great flight deals around the world.

It was a fantastic way for our family to dream of new vacation destinations.

Create an itinerary that the whole family enjoys

Planning is a big part of the family trip, and we’ve done a lot so we’ve developed our own routine.

First, we decided on a destination. Then, we all sit down and watch YouTube or travel documentaries to learn more about its history, culture, and landscape.

After we get the new information, we all come together to compile a list of things that each of us is most excited to see or do, which eventually becomes a collaborative, inclusive itinerary.

Read books about the destination and cook local cuisine

Diana blinkhorn cooks with her daughter

Before traveling, we cook recipes from the places we will visit next.

Diana Blinkhorn

It is important that our children enjoy the places we visit.

We like to head to the library and choose books about destinations where our family plans to travel. Then, we do small research projects about the destination land, culture, and, of course, food.

We even start making some of the local dishes in our home kitchen to taste what’s to come.

Shop for new items to take on the trip

Taking family trips can be expensive, so shopping for new items before you leave may not seem like the most financial move.

However, we found that giving each family member a small budget to choose a few new things for the trip was inspiring for everyone.

Even getting a small item, such as an accessory or a practical gadget, makes the holiday even more special.

Plus, some of the things we’ve got in the past have been useful and made the journey easier. I have items that I pack for each trip with my kids, and they help our adventures run smoothly.

Eat nutritious food and rest well before leaving

Traveling can be physically and emotionally demanding, so we try to take care of ourselves before we leave.

Leading up to a trip, we wanted to eat very nutritious food. We drink juices, eat leafy vegetables, and take vitamins and other supplements to boost our immune system.

Slow down and downtime if you can

daughter of diana blinkhorn resting on the hammock

We always try to find moments of rest in our family travels.

Diana Blinkhorn

Most of us are nervous when we travel, and it can cause us to rush and act faster than usual.

But to keep traveling throughout the year and visit as many places as we have, we try to remember to slow down as much as possible.

Don’t be afraid to take a full day off in the middle of the trip. Also, be sure to sleep on the plane and take advantage of the airport lounges to escape the crowds at the main terminal.

Know the destination when you are there

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We do a great job of surveying our environment and adapting to locals when we travel.

Our goal is to soak up everything we can about the places we visit. For us, having a real feel for the destination is one of the greatest joys of travel, and it strengthens our desire to continue exploring.

Write down your experiences and document everything

Documenting our favorite places and capturing special moments is important to us, so we’re used to taking notes and journal throughout our travels.

There’s no better way to relive an amazing journey than by reading the photos, videos, and detailed notes we’ve all made.

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