Mexico travel rules: What are the latest restrictions for holidaymakers?

While the world’s top travel destinations are closing their borders, imposing tests or quarantine weeks, or completely banning certain nationalities, the Central American country of Mexico has remained its door open.

Even amid red lists, amber lists and PCR test chaos, Mexico has imposed minimum rules on international travelers, making it a haven for adventurous types and when flights continue for in some part of the pandemic.

Now that many countries have reopened to tourism, what is the situation for beach and city favorite visitors?

Here is everything you need to know.

Do I need to take an exam before traveling to Mexico?

No – Mexico has never had a trial rule before travel, and you can still travel there without a Covid admin.

Do I need to show proof of vaccination?

No – the country has never imposed a “vaccine passport” rule on visitors.

Do I need to fill out a passenger locator form?

Mexico asked visitors to fill out its Vuela Seguro health form – which produced a QR code to be displayed at the border – before traveling through almost the entire pandemic, but the government lowered this requirement in January 2022.

Do I have to wear a mask or follow any other Covid guidelines?

The states of Quintana Roo, Coahuila, Nayarit, Baja California Sur, Baja California, Mexico City, Tamaulipas and Nuevo León have all scrapped their mandatory mask rules in recent months – though those still need face masks at Mexican airports. In other states you may need to wear masks in tight or indoor settings.

Do I need a visa?

Most tourists are eligible to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days, although the migration official who inspects your passport has the final say on how long you can stay in the country. You do not need a visa, but you will need to fill out an immigration form on your way to the country, and hold it to show on your exit.

Immigration officials may ask to see your outgoing ticket or details of when you plan to leave the country, as well as details of the accommodation booked for your stay.

The Foreign Office also advises: “It is no longer possible to transfer immigration status in the country. You cannot enter Mexico with a tourist visa and then replace it with a work visa. You must apply at the Mexican Consulate of your normal place of residence several hours before you travel. “

How much time do I need left on my passport?

Your passport must be valid for the entirety of your proposed stay in Mexico.

Any other advice?

It is recommended to stay up to date on your Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid vaccinations.