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Malta Finally Eliminates All Covid Entry Requirements

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Amid the growth of travel, a high demand for Europe, Malta has finally now removed all Covid entry rules, which is among the toughest on the continent. Starting July 25, tourists will be able to visit the Mediterranean country without any health -related requirements, whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Young Traveler Holds a Hat While Looking at the Medieval City Of Valletta From the Sea Promenade, Malta, Mediterranean Country in Europe

A small archipelago in the Mediterranean, Malta consists of two islands, the eponymous Malta, where the capital and several other sites of historical importance are located, and Gozo, famous for its pristine beaches and activities. of water. Now, tourists can revisit Malta – and Gozo – absolutely no stress.

Malta Is The Newest In Europe To Lift All Entry Curbs

Maltese Flag Flying Against The Backdrop Of A Medieval City In Malta, Mediterranean Sea, Southern Europe

Throughout the crisis, Malta has probably implemented the most violent measures against covid in Europe. Aside from proof of vaccination, visitors are expected to have new doses of the vaccine every 3 months to continue to enjoy freedom of travel, a move that goes against the EU’s own 9 -month validity period (now gone).

Despite the clear directive, the health authorities in Malta have remained conservative and proceeded to enforce the most draconian entry conditions. When Europe began to reopen, where countries such as Iceland, the UK, Ireland and Norway were all clearing curves in early February, Malta still kept its tourism doors virtually closed.

Entrance Gate To the Medieval Walled City Of Mdina, Malta

Later, when it bowed to the EU and increased the validity date for the second dose to 9 months, it did so with reluctance. At that time, those vaccinated longer than 270 days ago would not be eligible for entry into Malta as fully vaccinated individuals, requiring an additional third dose. There are also restrictions facing those who are not vaccinated.

When unable to present three dose certificates, travelers board planes to Malta by providing proof of a negative PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours prior to arrival (with actual crossing time). boundary as a reference), or a rapid antigen test no later than 24 hours before landing. Fortunately, it was all completely removed.

No Entry Requirements Starting July 25th

Couple Holding Hands Against the Backdrop Of Valletta, Capital of Malta

On June 11, the Maltese Health Ministry decided it was time for Malta to align with fellow EU members and re -embrace travel. Not earlier than July 25thwhen the new rules begin to be enforced by Malta’s border authorities and airlines serving Malta, the health regulations will cease to apply to both tourists and returning residents.

In other words, from July 25, you are no longer required to present any Covid documentation:

American Traveler Holding a US Passport
  • No vaccination certificate is required
  • No booster proof required
  • No pre-departure testing regardless of vaccination status
  • No test after arrival
  • There is no mandatory quarantine

It is worth noting that the old rules remain in place until that date. I mean, if you are traveling to Malta before 25 Julyyou may still need to fulfill prior admission requirements, such as having your latest vaccine dose from less than 270 days, or taking a PCR or Rapid Antigen test before travel.

Can the rules be tightened again in the new wave?

Man With Face Mask On His Hand On The Beach

As for the new viral uptick that is seeing some European countries, including Cyprus, tighten orders again, Maltese Superintendent of Public Health Chamaine Gauci said rumors that the country would follow were immediately dismissed. When the border measures are relaxed on July 25, they are unlikely to return.

In Gauci’s statement, he admitted it was time to ‘adopt a stance of personal responsibility instead’, now that the European Centers of Disease Prevention and Control has declared the current stage of the pandemic to be ‘post-acute’. This strongly suggests Malta may be close to declaring Covid an endemic virus.

Sailing Yacht In Crystal Lagoon, Comino, Malta

Domestically, vaccine passes are no longer required to enter indoor and cultural areas, and The use of the mask is not mandatory since April 26. Since then, tourists have been free to travel to the islands, including Gozo, without a mask. Whether inside or out, they will not get angry at the look or be reprimanded for not wearing it.

In total:

  • There are no masks inside municipal buses
  • There are no masks inside intercity buses
  • There are no masks on the ferries
  • There are no masks in the indoor seating area in restaurants
  • There are no masks inside museums or other built -in attractions
  • No masks on flights*

*On May 16, the Maltese authorities lifted the inflight mask mandate

Are There Direct Flights Between the US and Malta?

Anonymous Plane Flying Against a Sunset Backdrop, International Travel Concept

There are currently there are no nonstop flights between the US and Malta, but many American and European airlines operate Malta routes that include short layovers to other European hubs. Once on the continent, Americans can also easily book cheap tickets in Malta leaving Spain, France, Italy and countless others.

All commercial flights to Malta arrive at Luqa International Airport, the country’s only entry point for those flying. Some of the major sights in the country include the medieval capital Vallettafamous smallest in the European Union at just 0.24 square miles, the charming walled city of Mdina, and Victoria, which acts as a regional capital for the island of Gozo.

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