Major political parties in South Dakota are fighting over nominees, platform

FORT PIERRE, SD – South Dakota GOP Chair Dan Lederman took to Twitter this weekend to tease Democratic nominees for offices across the state.

“Generally they get some of these failed candidates, some of these people have lost six times in different races,” Lederman said. “It’s embarrassing when they put up candidates who lost even their primaries in Democratic races.”

In a tweet from the state’s official GOP account, Lederman said in part that the Democratic nominees were “nameless and failed candidates of previous elections, piled up outside the clown car.”

However, not everyone thought the tweet was appropriate. It was criticized by many people, including Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jamie Smith.

“I agree with Jamie Smith, our gubernatorial candidate, that this is a classless comment by Dan Lederman,” said Randy Seiler, chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party. “I don’t believe this reflects the view of the majority of Republicans on the state of South Dakota.”

For their part, Republicans like Lederman taught at a number of controversial platform boards and resolutions passed by Democrats this past weekend.

Primarily among them, one supports end -of -life decisions, or a “right to die,” and another about the right to an abortion, where the word “women” is replaced by more gender neutral language.

“They’re not just talking about South Dakota values,” Lederman said. “Voters in South Dakota are standing up for life, lowering taxes, keeping the federal government in our lives, and they seem to be flying in front of it, especially at some point they presented this weekend.”

“Instead of engaging in politics through personal attacks, we will ask the citizens of South Dakota to join us as Democrats and engage with us in finding bipartisan solutions and working for the betterment of people of South Dakota. “

Both party seats say they believe eventually, voters will agree with their view on November 8th.

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