Long journey for the new season

The season will start at Bristol Rovers on Saturday 30 July with a new approach to delivering coach distance travel.

Travel tickets to matches and coaches will be sold by the club – and we will continue to use KB Coaches as our provider. There will be a coach for every fight – league and all cup competitions – to follow the first team.

Booking through the club, which is available online, must be no later than 3pm on a Thursday afternoon, for a match on Saturday; and 3pm on Monday afternoon, for a match on Tuesday night.

Traveling in battles

SC adult members will have a 25% price discount for non -members. The FGR website will allow SC members for season 22/23 to claim their discount via a code that will be issued to SC members by the SC Membership Secretary.

Adults, who are not members of the SC, will pay £ 20, £ 25, £ 32 or £ 40 per seat, depending on the distance traveled.

Those aged 16 or Under – SC members or not, will pay £ 8, £ 13, £ 15 or £ 20 per seat, depending on the distance traveled. No one under the age of 16 can travel without a responsible adult.

All travelers are required to provide a mobile phone number and home number to use in an emergency, when booking.

Coach Fixes

Coach prices and pick-up times will be advertised on the SC website and will be shared by FGR in advance when tickets for each fight go on sale.

All coaches will have an SC representative on the board. There will be an aboard goal-time raffle, so bring your one pound coins to buy two tickets. Convenience, food and drink stops are made on all trips over two hours. Please note that no alcohol is allowed on the coach.

Since we are now in League One, the police approach to travel coaches is stricter and must be formally notified on each trip. You can bring your own food and softdrinks to consume inside or outside the coach.

Supporter’s Club – Travel Club

Travel Club members can pay a lump sum of £ 332 to travel to all 23 League One games or £ 33.20 per month via Standing Order for the 10 months of August to May. For those aged 16 or under the price is £ 230. No one under the age of 16 can travel without a responsible adult.

There can be no replacement or refund for battles missed, unless family, health or work reasons, mean ten or more battles are missed.

Your seat will be reserved for each League One fight. If, for any reason, you are unable to travel, FGR must be notified, so that the coach’s travel list is accurate on the day of travel.

End Stop