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Kansas City Royals Have Too Many 10 Players Who Can’t Travel to Canada, Which Could Affect Trade Market

We seem to have come a long way in making regular pandemic -related updates, which I don’t mean to be blasé. Instead, in all honesty, I think I was just burned out by covering the pandemic stuff in sports so I was eager to leave it around these parts.

But, it still affects baseball, and the latest news could have a significant collapse in the trading market.

The Kansas City Royals, a team out of race and with many possible trade pieces, are heading to Toronto this week to play the Blue Jays. But because of Canada’s vaccine demand, that means any unvaccinated players won’t be able to travel… and the Royals have craploads on them:

The impact on actual baseball on the field has been pretty modest, since the Royals haven’t won anything this year. I’m sure the Blue Jays are glad – even before their manager was fired – that they’re getting some layups.

The real impact, as far as our concern around here, is for the upcoming Trade Deadline. Immediately, you have to wonder how much it hurts the trade value of those players – especially outfielders Andrew Benintendi and Michael A. Taylor – who almost certainly can’t be traded with the Blue Jays, and may not be either AL East teams (or teams tied in the playoffs that could end up playing in Toronto).

That doesn’t mean they can’t / won’t be traded at all, but it absolutely can also be their market value. In turn, then, it can work others the outfielders in the trading market are more compelling. Will it affect the market for men like Ian Happ or Rafael Ortega?

There are also long -term implications:

This will be worth following, as every small impact on the trading market will be important to an obvious seller like the Cubs.

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