How to plan a vacation trip? Here’s what you need to know before traveling

Vacation reflects positive emotions, boosts happiness and contributes to overall health and well -being amid busy work schedules. There is always a pent -up need for travel from travelers who want to explore beautiful destinations around the world.

From skiing in Gulmarg to bike trips in south India, scuba diving in the Andamans to adventure sports and wellness therapies, you can make the most of your holiday trips while thinking a few things before booking a hotel.

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Most importantly, it is necessary to bring copies of important documents like your passport, IDs proving identity, Aadhaar, PAN, etc.


Before planning a trip, it is important to check the weather forecast and tips about where you want to go to avoid bad weather to play spoil sport during your stay.

As traveling to Mumbai during the rainy season is not a good idea and the longing for delicious food in Delhi in the summer will surely ruin your entire travel plan. Therefore, it is important to check weather alerts and updates from trusted sources like India Meteorological Department (IMD), before embarking on a trip.

To be safer, you may decide to pack some essentials including an umbrella, raincoat, caps, hard-shell suitcase, all-weather clothing, waterproof packets, tissues available again, etc.


To travel easily and avail package deals, the implementation of any vacation plan is entirely dependent on your finances. It is recommended to deposit a small amount in your bank account before planning a trip to ensure that the hotel or resort costs of your destination fit your budget.

However, what do you do if you want to travel somewhere, but don’t have enough money to fund the trip? To help, many travel aggregators like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and Expedia offer a ‘Travel Now, Pay Later’ (TNPL) scheme to fulfill your last minute trips. This option helps with funding at the time of checkout of flights or hotels allowing customers to book a holiday without paying right away.

The partner banks or NBFCs of online travel companies provide digital credit as a deferral payment facility that evaluates the creditworthiness of consumers using data science models. You can choose the most suitable payment period.

But is it worth considering? Is the ‘Travel Now, Pay Later’ offer only suitable for travelers with deep pockets?

Some online travel companies may provide zero interest rates for full payment within an estimated credit acquisition period. In fact, if customers default on installments, a penalty of monthly interest or flat late payment fee may be imposed on each default.

However, aggregators may not allow digital credit at every cost for the trip, but sometimes, some borderline customers may get a travel loan. Don’t forget to check if the travel firm allows you to avail the loan cancellation option if your trip is canceled or postponed and if you will be charged extra for the cancellation.

How to Choose a Location?

There are different types of traveler, some prefer peace and others choose adventure, it all depends on the type of person you are. Planning some time in your busy life is a tedious task when it comes to deciding on a travel destination. Whether it’s a single trip or a family outing, choosing a location involves several factors such as connection, safety, scenery, cuisine, arts and culture, costs and accommodation to name a few.

Don’t fall for the beautiful photos in your Instagram feed, the reality may be quite different. Instead look for real photos and videos taken by those who have traveled to that particular location.

Try to choose the best hotel in your chosen location that suits your budget, expectations and other preferences and to avoid time lag, make sure your hotel is not too far from the tourist spots you will visit. Before making final bookings, you can also check the hotel website or call the hotel authorities to get an exact idea of ​​what the hotel looks like and the types of facilities, room services and prices offered. its.

Food and hygiene/amenities

Having access to delicious food at your holiday destinations is a ‘blessing in disguise’. You should try to find out the places where you can eat and make sure to prioritize hygiene over quantity and responsible drinking. Who would choose to come home sick from a holiday? It’s not a smart idea to destroy your stomach for the sake of holiday zest. In the midst of the rush of online food ordering, try eating at local restaurants if you want to discover the best of your location’s famous cuisines.

Moreover, it is a wise decision to book your table at least a month before your reservation if restaurants allow. Booking in advance with shopping and previewing the delicious menu in advance can help you. If you have any dietary issues, you can contact the restaurant in advance to make adjustments.


Be careful to carefully review top reviews of destinations, hotels, resorts and food. Don’t be fooled by overly hyped YouTube vlogs, Instagram reels and other fabricated stories on the Internet. From food to shopping, try to read about the location of your trip as much as possible. If you are planning a vacation in Goa, search about the most recommended beaches and resorts of the state at the best prices.

Choose to talk to people who have been to those places and hotels to give you a real review of your long-awaited vacation destination.