Homecoming 2022 | Department of Political Science

July 12, 2022

MSU Political Science students Harnoor Kaur and Zachary Crawford have been selected to represent Michigan State University on Homecoming Court for 2022.

Harnoor Kaur

Harnoor Kaur is a criminal justice and political science major from Chandigarh, India. Kaur has three minors: history, studies of peace and justice, and law, justice, and public policy. He currently holds several leadership positions at MSU including President for Kappa Alpha Pi, MSU’s only Pre-Law fraternity, and President of the International Scholars Advisory Board at Honors College. Kaur has served as an undergraduate study assistant in the Political Science department since 2020. He also currently serves as an undergraduate research assistant in the Political Science department, focusing on research regarding profanity laws as well. as well as in the criminal justice department, which focuses on research on transgender homicide in the United States and the following media coverage. In addition to her research positions, she also works as a diversity, equity, and inclusion intern at MSU Honors College, where she is also a student. This past summer he also worked as a Constituent Services intern for Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Office. He has served as campaign coordinator for Amnesty International, the vice president of advocacy for UNICEF at MSU, and the under-secretary-general for operations for MSUMUN where he focuses on global issues and leadership. She also devotes her time to helping other Spartans by serving as a resident assistant, a peer educator in the Prevention, Outreach, and Education Department, and a student leader in New Student Orientation. During her time at MSU, she has found many communities to enrich her education and revitalize the MSU community while upholding and raising the voices of those previously silenced.

“The culture of inclusion and acceptance that Michigan State University strives to create every day for its students, staff, and faculty is something that makes MSU very special to me. As an international student, I understood and felt the feeling of not belonging back then, but MSU helped me carve my own little niche in the student community and be comfortable and included. This acceptance really led me to call Michigan State as my second home.

Author: Jenna Malinowski

Zachary Crawford

Zachary Crawford is a public policy major from West Bloomfield, Michigan. He also has minors in cities: environment, design, and society. She served as student coordinator at the Student and Industry Resource Center where she informed students and faculty about new job opportunities and internships, while assisting with career fairs and student placements. Currently, Crawford is a Student Supervisor for the MSU Tours program, where he has been fortunate to teach past, present, and future Spartans about MSU’s 167 -year history, allowing him to continue to have more deep understanding of what it means to be a Spartan, and meet hundreds of students now and in the future. He has conducted numerous policy internships in the Lansing area, such as working as a constituent services intern for the Michigan House of Representatives Democratic Caucus, a business place and development intern for the Lansing Economic Area Partnership and a communications intern for Governor Gretchen’s Executive Office. Whitmer. During these internships, he helped create the MI House of Representatives Ambassador Program, researched and completed in-depth reviews of zoning sites and drafted press releases and media advisories on behalf of the Governor’s Office. During his time at MSU, Crawford helped other students follow their dreams and make change in the local legislature.

“Through my educational, social and work experiences I have seen, and felt, what it means to be a true Spartan. As Spartans, we support each other and we welcome everyone with an inclusive and welcoming attitude. “

Author: Jenna Malinowski