Goals and Highlights: Chivas 0-1 San Luis in Liga MX Match | 07/09/2022

10:07 PM16 hours ago


The game ends with a victory for San Luis.

10:04 PM16 hours ago


Calderon misses a clear chance but is flagged offside.

10:02 PM16 hours ago


Free kick for Chivas.

9:57 PM17 hours ago


Ten minutes are added.

9:55 PM17 hours ago


Calderon tries a header but goes out of bounds.

9:49 PM17 hours ago


Leon de San Luis is on the lawn. 

9:44 PM17 hours ago


Chivas change
Out: Beltrán and Cisneros 
In: García and Bouquet

9:41 PM17 hours ago


Mozo sends in a dangerous cross but Barovero cuts the ball out.

9:39 PM17 hours ago


Beltran receives a yellow card.

9:33 PM17 hours ago


Chivas change
In: Mozo and González
Out: Mier and Zaldívar

9:31 PM17 hours ago


A dangerous play by Chivas is ruled offside.

9:27 PM17 hours ago


A dangerous cross that does not find a finisher for Chivas.

9:23 PM17 hours ago


After a review, the goal was disallowed.

9:18 PM17 hours ago


Goooooooooooool San Luis! Abel Hernandez heads the ball past Jimenez.

9:13 PM17 hours ago


Eduardo Torres is replaced by Pavel Pérez.

9:12 PM17 hours ago


The second half begins.

8:56 PM18 hours ago


The first half ends with the visitors in the lead.

8:55 PM18 hours ago


Waller takes advantage of Mier’s mistake and scores the first goal of the game.

8:52 PM18 hours ago


Three minutes are added.

8:51 PM18 hours ago


Zaldivar shot but Barovero made a great save.

8:50 PM18 hours ago


Abel generates danger inside the Chivas area but only gets a corner kick.

8:46 PM18 hours ago


Vega shoots outside the area but the ball goes over the top.

8:39 PM18 hours ago


Yellow card for Cisneros.

8:38 PM18 hours ago


Calderón gets a corner kick.

8:31 PM18 hours ago


Mier clears a dangerous San Luis cross with his head.

8:29 PM18 hours ago


Juarez of San Luis receives a yellow card for a foul in the middle of the field.

8:27 PM18 hours ago


Vega shoots powerfully outside the area but the ball goes wide left.

8:22 PM18 hours ago


Waller receives inside the area but fails to make good contact with the ball and it goes wide.

8:16 PM18 hours ago

Beltrán shoots weakly and Barovero takes the ball with ease.

8:14 PM18 hours ago

Cisneros fouls Waller.

8:10 PM18 hours ago

Calderon shoots outside the box but the ball goes wide.

8:08 PM18 hours ago

Vega shoots inside the area but the ball goes straight into Barovero’s hands.

8:06 PM18 hours ago

Start the game.

7:50 PM19 hours ago

Starting XI San Luis

7:45 PM19 hours ago

Starting XI Chivas

7:40 PM19 hours ago

Barovero key player

The Argentine goalkeeper, Marcelo Barovero, was the goalkeeper with the most saves on the opening day with six, it is well known that he is a great goalkeeper, so Chivas will have to take advantage of his chances on goal.

7:35 PM19 hours ago

Chivas is already at home

7:30 PM19 hours ago

San Luis found the goal

The San Luis team went through a period of uncertainty in which they failed to score away goals in five games, but they managed to break that streak and scored in their last eight away games, accumulating three wins, three ties and three defeats.

7:25 PM19 hours ago

Chivas knows how to hurt San Luis

Club Guadalajara has scored goals in 13 of fourteen games played in Guadalajara, all of these games played in short tournaments, so the fans will be able to sing the goal this afternoon.

7:20 PM19 hours ago

Chivas incomplete

The red and white team will not be able to count on Angulo, Molina, Brizuela and Flores, as they continue with their rehabilitation process, and Macías will not be present either, as after being informed of his injury, he underwent knee surgery this Friday and the estimated time for his return to the courts is 7 to 9 months.

7:15 PM19 hours ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of Chivas vs Atletico San Luis, the game corresponding to match day two will give us an extraordinary match between two teams that failed to win on the first day, so stay tuned as we will tell you the most relevant information prior to the start of the game.

7:10 PM19 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Chivas vs Atletico San Luis

7:05 PM19 hours ago

Where and how to watch Chivas vs Atletico San Luis live online

The match will be broadcasted on VIX.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

7:00 PM19 hours ago

Watch out for this Atletico San Luis player

6:55 PM20 hours ago

Watch out for this Chivas player

6:50 PM20 hours ago

Latest Atletico San Luis lineup

Barovero, Chavez, Leon, Del Castillo, Cruz, Iniestra, Guemez, Waller, Sanabria, Murillo, Hernandez.

6:45 PM20 hours ago

Latest Chivas lineup

Jimenez, Sepulveda, Mier, Olivas, Gonzalez, Cisneros, Calderon, Beltran, Alvarado, Zaldivar, Vega.

6:40 PM20 hours ago


Atletico San Luis 2-2 Chivas
Chivas 2-1 Atletico San Luis
Atletico San Luis 3-1 Chivas
Chivas 2-1 Atletico San Luis
Atletico San Luis 2-2 Chivas

6:35 PM20 hours ago

Arbitration Quartet

Central: Oscar Mejia. Assistants: Jonathan Gomez and Eduardo Acosta. Fourth official: Miguel Anaya.

6:30 PM20 hours ago

Atletico San Luis seeks improvements

6:25 PM20 hours ago

Chivas looking to regain confidence