Expert Announces Best Time of Day to Fly Amid Travel Crisis This Summer

A travel expert announced the best time of day to fly amid the current crisis currently facing airlines and airports, sharing some top tips in a new program on Channel 5. Watch the trailer here:

International travel may finally be firmly back on the cards after two years of uncertainty, but things are still not as straightforward as we expect to happen right now. Holidaymakers currently have to navigate endless delays, cancellations, and baggage issues before they can drink that cocktail on the beach.

While there is no surefire way to guarantee a completely stress -free trip while things stay, ahem, in the air, a travel expert advised that there is something you can do to put yourself in a ‘good position ‘.

Holidaymakers have to navigate endless delays, cancellations and baggage issues.  Credits: Channel 5
Holidaymakers have to navigate endless delays, cancellations and baggage issues. Credits: Channel 5

Speaking on the new show on Channel 5 Britain’s Travel Riot: How to Save Your Summertravel journalist Simon Calder announced that one of your best bets is to book an early flight, as it becomes more likely to inherit backlog issues of delays later on.

He said: “It’s scary to get up at three in the morning in time for your six-thirty flight, but if there’s distraction around, it’s a really good position to get to.

“Cancellations of the first wave of flights are not as frequent as they were for the end of the day because there have been no delays yet.

“Second, you have plenty of time to think of alternatives.”

Travel journalist Simon Calder.  Credits: Channel 5
Travel journalist Simon Calder. Credits: Channel 5

The program also featured a few other tips to minimize the risks, with Calder urging people to book an ATOL-protected holiday package.

“A lot of people love DIY holidays,” he says.

“They can find a flight here, a rental car there, some nice accommodation, they will put everything together-what could possibly go wrong? Well, your flight may be canceled. At that point, I’m afraid you’ll probably want to book you a proper holiday package.

“If you book items alone, the renter is sitting there saying, ‘The car is here, we don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re not there.’ And similarly, the hotel proprietor, she’s saying, ‘This is your room, what’s your problem?’ And they won’t give you a refund. ”

Credits: Channel 5
Credits: Channel 5

Other experts have also advised people to book with a credit card, where consumer attorney Dean Dunham says you can make a Section 75 claim if the airline takes too long to refund you.

“Effectively, it means the credit card company will step into your shoes, return your money and fight the airline,” he explains.

Travel consultant Paul Charles says you shouldn’t arrive at the airport ‘more than two and a half hours’ before a flight, because otherwise you’re ‘adding to the queues’, while the global aviation and travel analyst that Sally Gethin has suggested swotting up on your consumer rights before you start booking anything.

“The best place to go is the regulators’ website,, and they have a page on all your passenger rights in case there is a delay or cancellation, ”he said.

Britain’s Travel Riot: How to Save Your Summer will be aired on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight (Tuesday 12 July), and will also be aired on My5.