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You can now use your government travel card to move your personal belongings home.

Members taking PCS before October 2022 and currently do not have a government travel card are strongly encouraged to apply for one as soon as possible to allow this option.

Members choosing personal procured moves (PPMS) are encouraged to request an advanced payment amount equal to 60% of the PPM monetary allowance as authorized, while GTCC is authorized to cover the remaining 40% of the PPM monetary allowance subject to in the following conditions:

  1. Applies to members receiving PCS orders in/from all 50 states.
  2. Members requesting PPM should receive counseling from their local Transportation Office (TO) along with their Personnel and Administration (P&A) office.
  3. The maximum allowance allowed in the GTCC is 40% of the monetary allowance in the authorized PPM. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) remains willing to assist any loan member to pay the remaining costs if they do not have a GTCC.
  4. GTCC shall not be used to obtain, arrange, or pay for short -term storage in transit (SIT), long -term non -temporary storage (NTS), any reimbursable government HHG storage, or shipping of any vehicle.

Eligible/allowable costs may be reimbursed while making a PPM transition:

  • Rental: trucks, trailers, hand/appliance dollies, furniture pads
  • Weighing fees/costs for weight loss tickets
  • Authorized transfer company services
  • Tolls (for rental trucks only)
  • Packing/crating materials (not reusable)
  • Rented a blanket
  • Gas (rental trucks only, receipts required)
  • Boxes (no totes)
  • Shipping containers: eg, Pods, when used for carrying HHG only and not for storage

Payment for rental vehicles/trailers must be supported by a rental contract. Trailers owned by the service member will not be reimbursed. Eligible/allowable expenses will be deducted from the incentive payment to determine financial income for tax purposes. Members should direct all questions about eligible costs to their local transportation office.

GTCC Delinquency Prevention: Members conducting PPM must be placed on a Mission Critical (MC) status while traveling to their new PDS. MC status protects the member from any payments due to GTCC up to 30 days after the MC expires.

To be placed in MC status, members must make a request through their Unit Travel Manager. Unit Travel Managers will forward the request to the GTCC Program Manager for approval. Members may request up to 90 days of MC.

  1. The GTCC Program Manager will add a temporary Merchant Category
  2. Code Group (MCCG) so that eligible costs are not denied.
  3. Failure to place an account with the MC may result in a past due or delinquent status.
  4. Individual cardholders are responsible for timely payment of their balance to GTCC.
  5. Account delinquency can adversely affect a member’s career, assignment, security clearance and/or credit history.
  6. Accounts expire 31 days after checking in with your new PDS. On Day 61, GTCC is suspended, on Day 75, the cardholder will be charged a $ 29.00 per month late fee. On day 126, the member is submitted for enrollment on the Salary Offset and on day 211, Citibank may charge the loan, which will affect the cardholder’s credit.

Applicability: This policy does not apply to admission, separation, or retirement travel. Additionally, this policy does not apply to PCS travel for civilian personnel, Selected Reserve members, or Individuals.
Ready Reserve members because these populations do not use both order writing and outbound interview processes.

GTCC Travel Managers may direct inquiries to Mr. Michael Duchossois at 703-254-7175 or


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