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EU Universities and Students Call for Increase Grants for Green Traveling to € 250

Universities and students in European Member States are urging the union to make the Erasmus+ program more green traveling friendly by potentially increasing the cost of green traveling aid from € 50 to € 250.

More specifically, students and teachers can receive € 50 assistance by opting for greener travel options such as bus and train, where this regulation will take effect early in the year. ito. However, this assistance is considered insufficient for the Green Erasmus consortium, reports.

The European Students’ Union launched a petition on July 8, requesting an increase in the allowance to € 250.

“The goal is to collect 5,000 signatures and make green travel possible for all students“said ESU, which also mentioned that immediate action is needed to solve this problem.

The petition cites research showing that most students seem concerned about climate change, but the amount of environmental travel options is limiting and affects students ’decisions and can be busy for developing more sustainable habits.

The petition also calls for increased individual assistance for additional travel -related costs from four to seven days. The petition collected more than 975 signatures on July 12th.

This is not the first time that student unions and other organizations are asking for more green-friendly travel options, as Erasmus by Train, a European student-led initiative, has previously taught that a € 50 reimbursement and four additional days for the individual will not be enough support for students who can afford the total price difference between cheap flights and sustainable modes of travel.

“At the same time, financial efforts for such a top-up Interrail ticket provision will be carried out in a realistic frame,” Erasmus by Train said in the press release.

However, people’s desire for a greener and more sustainable planet seems stable, as a report from the European Travel Commission has revealed that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected the tourism and travel sector , the attitude of Europeans for sustainable travel remained unchanged.

The findings of “Sustainable Travel in an Era of Disruption: Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainable Tourism Attitudes” show that the pre-pandemic, current and expected travel behaviors of the respondents remain almost the same.

“Overall, the study shows that travelers are more likely to adopt sustainable skills in the behavioral category of interacting with the local community and immersing themselves in local life, learning about local tradition and trade, buying local produce, and choosing local restaurants while at the destination, ” The ETC mentioned in its press release about the report.

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