El Nido Palawan Tourist Spot

El Nido Palawan Tourist Spot – El Nido is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines albeit the fact that it’s quite hard to get to especially if the Seair direct flights is not available. But once you set foot on this gorgeous place, all the troubles of getting here will be all worth it.El Nido Palawan Tourist Spot

The town of El Nido has a stunning location where you could see some of the islands and some limestone karsts cliff at Bacuit Bay. The nearby island boasts white sand, crystal clear waters and diverse teeming wildlife. The sunset is also amazing almost in any part of El Nido. Before, everyone thinks that El Nido is an expensive destination, but with the increasing availability of transportation and hostels that caters to budget travelers, El Nido Palawan is becoming an affordable destination.

El Nido Palawan Tourist Spot

How to go to el nido palawan ?

El Nido is located at the Northern part of Palawan and takes about 5 – 6 hours of overland travel from Puerto Princesa. If Seair has a scheduled flight, you could fly directly to El Nido from Manila and upon arrival just take a tricycle to the town. If the direct flight is not available, then you could fly to Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital and take a van (usually takes 5-6 hours) depending on a variety of factors.

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Where to stay in el nido palawan ?

There’s a variety of accommodation option in town for all budget but booking in advance is advisable as sometimes it quickly fills up especially during long weekends and holidays (especially during Holy Week). Here’s a great list of Accomodations in El Nido (from a travel philippine).

What to do in el nido palawan ?

Island hopping and snorkelling are the main activities for non-divers as there are plenty of islands to visit in El Nido. Another nearby beach that you should not miss too include Marimegmeg and Nacpan and Calitang beaches which are secluded and less crowded.

There are also a variety of tour agencies that could take you to other off the beaten path destinations near El Nido town and could arrange a variety of adventure activities.

Where to eat in el nido palawan ?

There are several restaurants around the town that could serve a decent meal. Bear in mind that El Nido is a small town and the choices might not be that diverse when it comes to food. But be assured that if seafood is what you want then there’ll be plenty of options to choose from. Some of the restaurants include, Art Cafe, Lonesome Carabao, The Alternative, Aplaya Restaurant, Habibi Restaurant and Shisha Cafe and a lot of BBQ stands and Filipino eateries or as the locals call it “Karinderia.” If you want to go cheap, then you should go to the market and buy their fresh catch of the day and cook it yourself.

Important Facts

As of the time of writing, electricity runs from 2PM to 6AM (depending on where you’re staying) only and there’s no ATM in town which could be a little bit inconvenient so be sure to stack up with cash before you go to El Nido.


Don’t head home without doing a little bit of shopping if you have some money to spare. You can visit El Nido Boutique & Artcafe where they sell cool El Nido T-shirts, handicrafts, postcards, books, photo supplies and even cameras, snorkeling gear and a lot more.