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New Delhi [India]July 12 (ANI): With opposition parties accusing of “distortion” in the depiction of lions on the National Emblem thrown on the roof of the New Parliament Building, a former senior ASI official said it was “good copy ”of Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka and incorrectly made political commentary.

BR Mani, former ADG of the Archaeological Survey of India, said the original column was 7-8 feet while the national emblem above the Parliament House was almost three times the height.

“The Ashoka Pillar excavated in 1905 was copied to be placed above Parliament House. I will not call the claims of the opposition leaders baseless or meaningless but it is not right to make a political comment about it, ”he said.

Mani said he believes what was made was a beautiful copy of Ashoka’s Sarnath Lion Capital.

“When it comes to 7-8 feet Ashoka Lion and when it comes to 20-21 feet Ashoka Lion, the angle of the artist’s work is different. If you look at something built high, then it looks different from the bottom, but there is no significant difference. I believe what was made was a beautiful copy of the Ashoka Pillar found in Sarnath, ”he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the national emblem thrown on the roof of the new Parliament building on Monday.

Congress and RJD were among the opposition parties that accused the government of “distorting” the national emblem. Opposition parties also objected to the way the emblem was displayed.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the Center should check whether the national emblem of Parliament represents the “statue of the Great Sarnath” or “is a crooked version of the GIR lion”.

“Please check it out and if it needs to, fix the same,” he said in a tweet

He said the unveiling event held on Monday reaped questions “including constitutional propriety, let alone democratic values”.

Trinamool Congress MP Jawahar Sircar said the description of Ashokan lions was “unnecessarily aggressive and disproportionate”.

The National Emblem above the New Parliament Building is made of bronze with a total weight of 9500 kg and a height of 6.5 m. It was placed at the top of the central aisle of the New Parliament Building. A supporting steel structure weighing approximately 6,500 kg was made to support the Emblem.

The concept sketch and process of casting the National Emblem on the roof of the New Parliament Building went through eight different stages of preparation from clay modeling and computer graphic to bronze casting and polishing. (ANI)

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