Cuba faces a campaign of destabilization in US politics

In his appearance on the Russian YouTube channel Europe for Cuba, the diplomat denounced media operations against the largest of the Antilles being conducted using millions of dollars and using the most sophisticated information technologies and disinformation methods.

The events of July 11, 2021 coincided with an attempted coup against the Cuban Revolution that was defeated by the unity of the revolutionary people, Lazo recalled.

In that sense, he added that clearly again, there is a continuing desire on the part of Washington and the counterrevolutionary forces to take advantage of the difficult economic situation and try to provoke internal destabilization.

“Like all countries, Cuba is going through a difficult economic situation caused by the world crisis, the high price of fuel and food,” the minister said.

In this regard, he explained that, especially on the Caribbean island, the impact of the blockade on the US economy, commerce and finance increased significantly in the context of Covid-19 and based on more than 200 extremely aggressive measures taken during of the administration of the former President. Donald Trump (2017-2021) and still in force.

Lazo added that the White House’s attempts to suffocate a country as small as Cuba are one of the main engines for the Havana Government to continue to seek alternatives on a global scale to fill the shortage of supplies for to the proper development of society.

“Despite all these attempts, despite all the lies fabricated against Cuba, the truth is that the majority of the Cuban people and millions of friends around the world support the island’s revolutionary government, “he stressed.

Our people live in absolute peace, constantly working to build the country our sovereignty decided to defend, but this, as you know, does not make headlines, it does not appear in the news, explains Lazo of program participants.

At the end of his speech, the diplomat thanked the Russian authorities and friends of the coalition for their firm position in favor of removing the economic, commercial and financial blockade, and condemning all aggressive policies of US government against Cuba.

Russia’s YouTube channel Europe for Cuba offered on Monday a special edition called The counterrevolution didn’t happen, and it won’t happen !, a strong condemnation of the destabilization actions promoted and financed by the United States against the island to impose regime change. .