COVID halts Matt Bove’s Italy vacation, experts say travel insurance helps

BUFFALO (WKBW) – It’s a trip of a lifetime. An Italian adventure for 7 News Sports Director Matt Bove and several members of his family. Those plans were quickly thwarted.

“My thirteen -day trip to Italy, has been a three -day trip to Italy, and a ten -day quarantine,” Bove told 7 News Anchor Jeff Russo.

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7 News Sports Director Matt Bove sidetracked his vacation in Italy when he tested positive on COVID-19 in Italy. He is now quarantined in a small hotel room, with his mother Teresa, in Florence.

Early in the trip, Covid broke up half of Matt’s travel group. A positive test requires him to be quarantined in Florence in a one-hundred square foot hotel room, with limited wi-fi, and his mother.

“Bonding is a word you can use”, Matt said smiling as his mother heard him laughing behind him. “I don’t know if this is the best word.” Matt’s mother Teresa playfully shouted in the background “I don’t like it any more than you do.”

“I’m willing to lose it,” Matt added.

In an attempt to salvage things Matt’s wife, and the other group, proceeded to Venice, while he remained with his mother to recover. The two had to complete Italy’s required quarantine and then fly immediately back to Buffalo. The only saving grace in all of this. Travel insurance.

“Looks like it’s worth it” Matt said. “We hope to recover a portion.”

Renee Pilley, a Senior Travel Consultant at AAA of WNY said travel insurance has become more common since the pandemic began.

“I would say that ninety percent of the people sitting with us were most interested in getting prices and quotes for insurance for their trip right from the start,” Pilley said.

According to the US Travel Insurance Association the cost of travel insurance is based on three factors.

  • Where are you going.
  • Trip duration
  • Age of policy holder

According to Business Insider and Insurance Agency “Square Mouth”, the average travel policy costs $ 248 or approximately ten percent of the total cost of your trip.

“It’s medical -based insurance. It’ll cover medial injury, illness and death”, Pilley said. “Travel delays, travel delays, baggage delays, and medical and dental emergencies may be covered.”

Many travel insurance policies now also cover Covid-19-related issues including medical expenses and accommodation if you become ill while on your trip.

It was a safety net for the unexpected, and one of our friend Matt, despite his disappointment on a lost trip, was happy to have.

“I feel like this could happen to anyone. It happened on our tour. There was a tour group a week before us as if something similar had happened.” “If you make the trip feel like it’s worth the travel insurance”