Column: Post travel tips on Covid

The Richmond News columnist shared his travel experience in Hong Kong after Covid-19

I recently traveled to both the US and Hong Kong. I pride myself on being a well-informed traveler but the post-Covid journey is very different. Here are some tips if you plan to travel in the near future:

  1. Arrive at the airport early-in the world of travel after Covid, you must arrive at the airport early, even if you have priority status or check-in privileges. Don’t rely on expedited lines as they are all subject to staff availability. So add more time to your arrival time at the airport compared to traveling before Covid.
  2. Expect delays – as everyone returns to travel again, there will be many more delays and inefficiencies. So expect check-in delays, security and customs checks. Expect your flight to be delayed and plan for the possibility of losing your luggage. That means leaving more time between connecting flights and packing an extra set of clothes in your carry-on luggage.
  3. Air purifiers-if you’re worried about air quality on an airplane, I use the Munchkin portable air purifier. See my review here. Be aware that airlines are sometimes keeping up with anything new so for some reason, I was asked to turn it off on a recent Air Canada flight.

For those traveling to Hong Kong specifically, here are some additional tips for those traveling to Hong Kong

  1. Since mandatory hotel quarantine is still required (currently seven days) and hotel bookings, once made, are non-refundable, you can book a refundable airline ticket and then secure a hotel booking based on your flight dates; or check airline ticket availability first, then book your hotel based on available flights and then immediately after you have secured a hotel, book your flights
  2. Since you will spend 7 days in quarantine, a clean and comfortable quarantine hotel is important. I stayed at Lanson Place on Causeway Way and I highly recommend the hotel. See my review here.
  3. Prepare for multiple tests-currently you will need to take a rapid antigen test daily for the first seven days of arrival in Hong Kong and PCR test on the third and fifth days after arrival (when you are in hotel quarantine) and at nine that day and 12th day after arrival (when you are not in quarantine). Due to the extensive testing, Hong Kong’s rapid antigen test kit is very easy to use and the PCR tests are free and very efficient. It took me about 15 minutes to get my PCR test at a local community center and I got the PCR result back on my phone within a day. You need a local HK cell phone number to get your results.

Air travel will return but be patient with those in the travel industry. Waits, delays and understandings may be the new normal the next moment. Safe travel!

Tony Kwan | is the new Richmond News columnist. A lawyer by day, fond of food and wine by night, Kwan is an epicurean who writes about wine, food and enjoying all that life has to offer.