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Listening as a political de-polarizer

Half a century ago, 144 Republicans in the U.S. House were less conservative than the most conservative Democrats, according to a recent Pew Research Center review. And 52 House Democrats are less liberal than most liberal Republicans. Members vote with their party leadership almost 60% of the time. Now there …

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Financial Professionals Must Adapt to New Market and Political Reality: Report

(Photo: denisismagilov/Adobe Stock) The early part of 2022 has been a difficult trip for investors and financial professionals. Disruptions in the supply chain, inflation, rising interest rates, the Ukrainian invasion and a volatile stock market are testing the growth opportunities of financial professionals. The Natixis Global Survey of Financial Professionals, …

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Eritrea, Somalia Leaders Pledge Cooperation on Defense, Political Efforts

The leaders of Eritrea and Somalia announced the signing of an agreement covering defense, security, diplomatic and political cooperation. The agreement, finalized by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was reached following a four -day visit to Asmara by Somalia’s new leader. In a seven-point memorandum …

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HD 45 Republicans offers a variety of shades of political rage at Disney

None of the four Republican House candidates who want to represent the Walt Disney World area oppose the law repealing the Disney special district-but they do offer varying degrees of political discontent. Disney. In a Tiger Bay of Central Florida forum, four Republicans – Carolina Amesty, Janet Frevola, Bruno Portigliatti …

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Opinion: Boris Johnson’s death in politics offers a lesson for U.S. Republicans

The cascade of resignations of British officials urging ethically challenged Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yielded the desired result. After an endless series of scandals, and following a stern vow that he would not give up, Johnson finally announced his resignation on Thursday. It was as if democracy prevailed in …

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TDs have filed a smoky vat of political cliche to mark the arrival of a two -month summer vacation – The Irish Times

Dáil has offered a smoky vat of political cliche to mark the imminent arrival of its two-month summer vacation. It’s hard going. The TDs spent Tuesday in a three -hour mixing of old chestnuts with a rancid swill of hackneyed phrases. Any idea of ​​doing some proper work is missing …

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Gmail users tell FEC: Unsolicited political email is the definition of spam

Earlier this month, Google sent a request to the Federal Election Commission seeking an advisory opinion on the potential launch of a pilot program that would allow political committees to bypass spam filters and instead serve political email in the main inboxes of Gmail users. During the public commentary period …

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