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7 Things I Learned Traveling With My Father, Who Has Dementia

As I write this, I am in Ohio for the summer caring for my father, who has advanced dementia. My mother has been her caregiver since she was diagnosed almost 8 years ago, and she suddenly passed away a few months ago, going back and forth in our world. That …

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Holiday FAQs: Everything you need to know before traveling this summer

The holidays are coming, in the words of Coca -Cola – though hopefully they will come with a little sun and a little Santa. But even as travel restrictions are eased in many places, there are still many issues that must be addressed before you leave this summer, from test …

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Travel agents at Qantas were outraged by the diminished commissions

A Qantas spokesman said the last commission reduction was more than 15 years ago, travel agents had more than a year’s notice of the change, and service fees were a “logical approach. “to reward travel agents. “Even before the commission change, we saw that many travel agents embraced the growing …

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Here’s What You Should Not Buy While Traveling

Thanks to high gas prices, airfare at a premium, high demand and inflation overall, travel is now a massive financial task. Luckily, according to a new report from Travel + Leisure, there are some easy-if not obvious-ways travelers are good at saving money. And, spoiler alert, it has to do …

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Online Travel Agent eDreams Causes Nightmares

Thursday, July 14, 2022, 6:02 amPress Release: Consumer NZ Consumer NZ warns travelers to avoid online travel agent eDreams. The watchdog has received numerous complaints from customers who have had difficulty getting refunds and support from eDreams. The consumer recommends booking with a New Zealand-based travel agent or directly with …

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The latest 1000 data shows that 2022 exceeds 2019 for many travel advisor members

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has brought a steady decline in 2020 sales volume for consultants around the world. Then in 2021, production numbers in the U.S. will be higher, compared to other countries, including for a minority of U.S.-based consultants who saw their production in 2021 exceed their pre-pandemic, 2019 …

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Introducing The B2B SaaS Travel Automation Platform, ClarityTTS For End-to-End Travel Agency Operations

Introducing The B2B SaaS Travel Automation Platform, ClarityTTS For End-to-End Travel Agency Operations TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 13, 2022 / – Clarity Travel Technology Solutions has introduced the new B2B SaaS Travel Automation platform for all B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses to stimulate the digital transformation of travel agencies and …

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