Best Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Best Travel Apps For Your Smartphone – Holidays are very exciting and the most awaited moments. A lot of planning needs to be prepared so that the holiday runs smoothly and becomes an unforgettable moment.

It is very natural that in the digital era like today, vacations can be planned only through your gadget. Our life cannot be separated from an application such as travel apps. Including business travel, vacation, or other recreational activities.

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So, to make your traveling and vacation experiences even more exciting, make sure you equip yourself with the following list of the best travel app.

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Especially for those of you who want to travel outside the city or to other countries, it is very important to equip yourself with a reliable travel application. In this article, we will discuss the best travel applications that must be used by travelers. Let’s get started.

Now everything is completely going through digitalization. Including vacation and travel. Now with the presence of platforms such as the App Store or Google Play Store, it is certainly very easy for users to get the applications they need. 

Whether it’s a free or paid app. Even if you have to pay for it, you don’t have to bother. Because we can easily buy applications on the Play Store or App Store. For app purchases on Google Play, you can take advantage of Google Play vouchers. Later you can use the Google Play voucher for easy transactions on the Google Play Store.

1. Google Maps

Get easy to find more locations through Google Maps. When you are on vacation, you will visit many areas or places that you may have never been to. So, to prevent you don’t get lost, you can equip yourself with a map application to make your trip easier. 

One of the most reliable is Google Maps. This application developed and published by Google is available by default for Android users. For those of you who do not use Android, you can install this application easily and for free.

Besides being able to be used to find out travel routes, Google Maps can also be used to estimate the travel time to a location. In short, this is important and you need to use it. This application is not only useful to support daily activities but also for travelers. This best travel app makes your mobility easier without the fear of getting lost.

2. TripAdvisor

More exploration with Tripadvisor, the most popular travel app guide. You can use TripAdvisor to get reviews or recommendations from various travelers like you. This application is ready to help you to plan a trip or vacation. Not only that, but TripAdvisor can also be used to book hotels, restaurants, or flights.

This travel app provides highly trusted reviews, the user interface is very simple and easy to use. Users can make trip plans and occasionally there are certain prizes given when frequently reviewing places visited. 

It is helpful, however it also has some weaknesses. It is unable to provide a route to the destination (will be redirected to Google Maps) and some places are missed and not included in TripAdvisor.

3. Google Travel

Special application for travelers, Google Travel. Technology is advancing and traveling is a necessity for everyone, Google is now launching an application to make it easier for travelers to plan trips. You can book hotels, book tickets, and make an itinerary. 

So, with the Google Travel app best, you don’t have to bother booking hotels and booking tickets with other applications. Only with this application, you can do it all easily.


Get the best offer on For those of you who like vacations and have a high need to book airline tickets or hotels, it’s very easy to book airline tickets or hotels through When you want to book a hotel, the prices offered also vary. But of course, can guarantee the best price for everyone who books a hotel through this site. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if many people say that the site is a hotel booking site with the cheapest prices currently available. So, make sure you have downloaded this best travel app for traveling.

6. Airbnb

Book a comfortable stopover only on Airbnb. Airbnb is a marketplace that provides lodging services, whether in the form of private rooms, apartments, or houses. In the last few years, this best travel app has begun to be widely used in such countries.

It has the same concept as renting a hotel room, but Airbnb facilities are generally much more complete, such as kitchen facilities, washing machines to private swimming pools. Of course, this is a plus, especially for tourists who are on a backpacker-style vacation or for those of you who want to experience life like residents when traveling.

7. Netflix


What does movie apps have to do with travel? With these movie apps, you can forget about boredom when traveling long distances by watching your favorite movies. One of the most popular movie apps is netflix, download app on here.

The movie app is an app that can be used to stream movies not only on smartphones, but you can also watch them via PC as well as on TV. You aren’t required to go to the cinema to see movies. How interesting isn’t this particular application.

Here is Why You Should Use the Best Travel App

Various kinds of tourist attractions that are interesting to visit have always been tourist attractions in any country. With the development of technology, of course, it is very easy for us to plan tourist trips on our hands. 

Freedom to choose the mode of transportation and accommodation when you are about to travel in Canada for example. Then, by using travel apps in Canada it is easy to get transportation and accommodation since they are the most important things in traveling. There are various transportation options, ranging from planes, trains, and buses.

After determining transportation, users are also often faced with increasingly varied accommodation options. Starting from hotels, homestays, guest houses, villas, resorts, and others. The ease and freedom of determining transportation and accommodation for traveling are increasingly felt with the existence of technology and the presence of booking service provider best travel app.

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You can be free to determine the budget. Budget is an element that cannot be ignored in planning a trip. Everyone has a different portion of the budget to be able to realize their travel plans. Budgeting certainly has an impact on the choice of transportation and accommodation prices. Whenever and wherever, of course, people want to go on vacation in an easy way and with a cheap and minimum budget.

To help travelers organize trips without worrying about budgets, consumers can use the superior features of online booking platform providers to get instant notifications when ticket prices are within budget, so they can book flights at the right time.

Last but not the least, you are free to determine the itinerary. If you look back at the time five to 10 years ago, where determining the journey has not been as easy as it is today. To arrange a trip (buy transportation tickets and accommodation), still use the conventional way and the itinerary has been arranged by the travel agency. 

Along with the development of technology and the rapid growth of smartphone use, users are increasingly pampered with applications that facilitate the process of ordering travel tickets even for the needs of supporting daily life. 

So, grab the best travel app now and plan your trip.