Alan Cayetano bill seeks to instill Filipino and moral values in schools, gov’t offices, private sector │ GMA News Online

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has filed a bill seeking to “inculcate” Filipino and moral values, starting in schools, as well as in government agencies and the private sector.

Dubbed “National Values, Etiquette, and Moral Uprightness Act,” the measure gives importance for Filipinos as a community to have universally accepted values that are desired by all and transcend culture and time.

“As the Philippines develops and our economy tries to heal from the crisis brought by the pandemic, it is essential to strengthen our values as a Filipino People,” said Cayetano in his bill.

“Just as we need to ensure that Filipinos have the capability to put food on their tables and have a roof over their heads, there is an even more pressing need to strengthen our common core values and inculcate universally acceptable moral standards,” he added.

“As their leaders, it behooves us to lead our countrymen into successful lives and as responsible, law-abiding, and patriotic citizens,” he said.

Although a part of this proposed bill was integrated in Republic Act No. 11476 or the Good Manners and Right Conduct Act, Cayetano said that the country could “reap the full benefits if [the National Values, Etiquette, and Moral Uprightness] Act is passed.”

Under the unnumbered bill, the Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd) will head the establishment of the Commission on Filipino Values.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), a representative from both houses of Congress, along with representatives from major religious groups in the country, will also conduct a nationwide consultation, and through consensus craft a program on National Values, Etiquette and Moral Uprightness.

Likewise, CHED shall draft a roadmap for the implementation of the program which shall be submitted to the President for his approval.

Further, the measure seeks to institutionalize patriotism, national pride and identity, etiquette, moral uprightness, and social and online etiquette as part of the curriculum in all levels in kindergarten, elementary, secondary, technical-vocational, and college institutions.

“The teaching of universally accepted Filipino values shall also be included in the curriculum, specifically Good Manners and Right Conduct, for elementary and high school, and the appropriate subject in other levels,” Cayetano said.

Values in gov’t agencies, private sector

The bill also seeks to have modules on patriotism, national pride and identity and moral uprightness, including online and social etiquette, in all government offices, government owned and controlled corporations, national agencies, local government units, and the private sector.

Employee orientation or training programs, as well as seminars, shall also be regularly held.

Moreover, the measure mandates all government offices to have at least one Values Officer that will oversee the implementation of the policies.

The measure also seeks the establishment of the Presidential Inter-Faith Council composed of leaders of religious organizations in the Philippines. They will be under the control and supervision of the President. — DVM, GMA News