11 Best Prime Day Travel Deals (2022): Luggage, Travel Adapters, and More

Fuel costs are up, plane ticket prices have left the stratosphere, and even finding a seat on a train has been a challenge recently. But don’t have the dream vacation you’ve been planning for two years! Instead, check out these Prime Day deals on power outlet adapters, device chargers, and more travel gadgets to save a little time and money.

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Device Adapter and Charger Deals

Few things start a journey on the wrong foot than arriving at your hotel and finding you can’t recharge your devices. Check out our guides on Best Travel Adapter and Best Wireless Charger to make sure you don’t run out of juice once you arrive.

Twelve South Plugbug Duo

Photo: Twelve South

The power brick of the MacBook is a bad beast. If you have someone with you on your travels, you may not like packing a whole large adapter. The PlugBug slides right on top of your current Apple charger and works in outlets in 150 countries, and there are two USB-A ports for charging other devices in addition.

Forget juggling a bunch of individual cables to charge all your devices. This interconnected folding charger lets you charge up to three devices wirelessly while keeping them all bundled in one place for convenience.

Contributor Simon Hill said the build quality is “not stellar,” but it contains many features in one package that are really useful, including three 10-watt wireless charging pads, USB-C charging port, alarm clock, and an LED night-light. It even plays sleep sounds to help you calm down.

We recommend the Zendure Passport II Pro in our Best Travel Adapter guide because of its speed at charging large devices. It has two USB-C ports, three USB-A ports, and an AC socket. The USB-C port, at 61 watts, can fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro in about two hours so you spend less time charging the hotel.

Audio and Tablet Deals

Keep yourself entertained and sober on your long journey with more devices from our guides to the Best Tablets, Best Noise Cancellation Headphones, Best Wireless Headphones, and Best Cheap Headphones for the price $ 100 or Less.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Photo: Sony

They have the best noise cancellation of any wireless earbud we have tested. Co-editor Parker Hall rated them 7/10, WIRED recommends, calling it class-leading battery life of eight hours. A recharging case offers an additional 16 hours of running time. Note that they are probably quite large for smaller ears.

Gear editor Adrienne So says the sound quality of these wireless earbuds is great, and they offer an IP57 rating for dust- and water-resistant and eight-hour battery life. Like many premium earbuds these days, the Elite 7 Active comes with a charging case that adds an additional 22 hours of run time.

This is Amazon’s flagship tablet — the largest and fastest available. It was recently refreshed (7/10, WIRED Recommended) with a brighter screen and 3 GB of RAM. The new Fire HD 10 Plus is also on sale for Prime Day. For $ 105 you get 4 GB of RAM and wireless charging. Just know that the Google office app doesn’t work on Fire devices. But that seems like a good reason to stop working and just watch a movie, if you ask us.

The fact that Lenovo made this tablet, the best Android tablet, for less than $ 350 is a small miracle. The fact that you can get it at this price today is a real theft. The MediaTek Helio G90T chip inside is strong enough that the P11 Plus is rarely slow and the 11-inch LCD screen looks sharp thanks to the 2K resolution.

Deals to Help You Pack

Before you can enjoy your trip, you need to make sure that all your belongings get there. My guide, The Best Travel Bags, has many picks for carry-on suitcases and duffel bags, as well as more useful travel gadgets.

Photo: Samsonite

Samsonite is getting a 25 percent discount on some of its suitcases. Our favorite portable suitcase, the Outline Pro, isn’t for sale, but Samsonite’s latest lightweight suitcase is. All four wheels rotate, allowing you to roll the bag down a narrow airline aisle, and it has internal dividers for easy packing.

Product reviewer Medea Giordano and I have been using UrPowers for years to beat wrinkles on our travels. Mine has been strong for four years, and it works so well that I use it at home as well. It’s small enough that you’ll only evaporate one or two garments before it needs to be refilled, but it’s compact and easily packed in any carry-on.

Airlines can be strict about weight allowances for checked bags. Any time I’ve planned to check out a bag over the past 10 years, I weigh it using this scale to make sure I don’t have to pay an overweight surcharge. It’s easy to use and pointless — the very kind of user experience I wanted before I succumbed to TSA lines and rituals at the airport.